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iSniff GPS – Passive sniffing tool for capturing and visualising WiFi location data disclosed by iOS devices

iSniff GPS

iSniff GPS passively sniffs for SSID probes, ARPs and MDNS (Bonjour) packets broadcast by nearby iPhones, iPads and other wireless devices. The aim is to collect data which can be used to identify each device and determine previous geographical locations, based solely on information each device discloses about previously joined WiFi networks.

iOS devices transmit ARPs which sometimes contain MAC addresses (BSSIDs) of previously joined WiFi networks. iSniff GPS captures these ARPs and submits MAC addresses to Apple’s WiFi location service (masquerading as an iOS device) to obtain GPS coordinates for a given BSSID. If only SSID probes have been captured for a particular device, iSniff GPS can query network names on and visualise possible locations.

By geo-locating multiple SSIDs and WiFi router MAC addresses, it is possible to determine where a device (and by implication its owner) is likely to have been.



iSniff GPS contains 2 major components and further python modules:

  • uses Scapy to extract data from a live capture or pcap file and inserts it into a database (iSniff_GPS.sqlite3 by default).
  • A Django web application provides a browser-based interface to view and analyse the data collected. This includes views of all detected devices and the SSIDs / BSSIDs each has probed for, a view by network, Google Maps views for visualising possible locations of a given BSSID or SSID, and a pie chart view showing a breakdown of the most popular device manufacturers based on client MAC address Ethernet OUIs.
  • provides a QueryBSSID() function which looks up a given BSSID (AP MAC address) on Apple’s WiFi location service. It will return the coordinates of the MAC queried for and usually an additional 400 nearby BSSIDs and their coordinates.
  • provides a getLocation() function for querying a given SSID on the database and returns GPS coordinates. It must be configured with a valid auth cookie. Please respect the ToS in using this module.


To use the web interface:

  1. Install or update required Python modules by running pip install -U -r requirements.txt.
  2. Initialise an empty database by running ./ syncdb.
  3. Start the web interface by running ./ runserver

To sniff wifi traffic:

  1. Install Scapy
  2. Import data from a wifi pcap capture by running ./ -r <chan11.pcap>
  3. For live capture, bring up a wifi interface in monitor mode (usually mon0) so that airodump-ng shows traffic.
  4. Start live sniffing with ./ -i mon0.


iSniff GPS was developed on a Ubuntu 12.04 (32-bit) VM with Python 2.7.3, Django 1.5.4 and Scapy 2.2.0-dev. The web interface code has been updated and tested with Django 1.7.1 running on Mac OS X Yosemite with Python 2.7.8. Network sniffing has not been tested on Mac OS X.

More information can be found at: