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35 Great Resources for Google Material Design

Google introduced the new design language “Material design” at the Google I/O conference on 25th June 2014. It focuses on grid based layouts, padding, floating action buttons, responsive transitions, depth effects like lightning and shadows. Unlike real paper, material design can expand and reform intelligently. With the addition of tactile surfaces, fluid motion and bold graphic design, it allows designers and developers to build more colorful, flexible and compelling application for web, Android and Chrome OS.

If you are finding a way to explore Material design and its usage in your project, here are 34 helpful resources which will help you to make your application/web more attractive.

35. Animated Tabs

Animated Tabs

Polymer app without canvas and polymer. You can use only CSS3 and pure JavaScript.

34. Modern Loader

Modern Loader

A modern Google spinning loader in pure CSS, animating through four colors.

33. Material Design Preloader

Material Design Preloader

A jQuery plugin that recreates the material design preloader as shown above.

32. Material Design Navigation

Material Design Navigation

The pages slide to reveal a clean, simple and smooth navigation.

31. Switch Theme

Switch Theme

A simple and elegant switch theme from Google material design (by Zhoolego).

30. PC Icons

PC Icons

A few material design icons for PCs.

29. Material Shadows


The authentic design shadows without web components, designed by Ben Strahan.

28. Menu CSS

Menu CSS

material design menu with amazing hover effect. Just copy the given CSS and HTML code to your project.

27. Radio Input

Radio Input

This is the custom radio input (CSS only), designed by Christian Hall.

26. The Morphing Icons


The morphing icons are designed by Alberto Bonvicin. Currently, it cycles through the radios randomly or you can change to cycle in order, starting with checked elements.

25. Material Design Form

Material Design Form

A simple and quick material design login form with ripple effect, designed by Josh Adamous.

24. Animation Timing

animation timing

A smart and beautiful animation timing based on material design, created by Sergey Kupletsky.

23. Material Design Buttons

Material Design Buttons

The script automatically (written by Michaela) adds the material design effect to elements with “material design” class. Just add the preferred color as “data-color” attribute. You can also use it on div with images.

22. Product Icon Anatomy


This is animated version of the product icon anatomy guideline from Google material design, created by Jovie Brett.

21. Material Palette

Material Palette

Select your favorite color(s) and get your material design color palette (along with the preview).

20. Material Icons Deconstruction

Material Icons Deconstruction

This is finished clone of delightful details. You can build these kinds of deconstruction just by using HTML and CSS. Users need to click on each section to toggle between icons.

19. Material Interaction

Material Interaction

The page shows the interactive experiences of Material design principle.

18. Ripple Click Effect

Ripple Click Effect

This is kind of click effect which includes an ink-drop like element that moves out rapidly from the position where the user clicks/taps. The simple logic here is to create circles (with smooth transition) at click coordinates behind the links.

17. Hover and Click Effect

Hover and Click Effect

Yet another hover and click effect, in addition with a mixture of different colors which makes it more appealing.

16. The Tiles

The Tiles

The Material design CSS based tiles, created by Sergey Kupletsky.

15. Material Design Icons

Material Design Icons

These are official open source icons featured in the Google material design specification. It includes SVG, PNG and hi-dpi versions of all icons in 24px & 48px.

14. Free Sketch, Templates and Icons

Free Sketch, Templates and Icons

This is a quick start sketch template that includes 424 Android L icons, mobile, tablet and desktop layouts and all the polymer project web component elements.

13. Material Design Icon Expanded

Material Design Icon Expanded

A huge collection that includes over 1400 icons in SVG & PNG format, available in several sizes.

12. Material Design for Bootstrap

Material Design for Bootstrap

It’s a theme for Bootstrap 3 that lets you use the Google material design in your favorite front-end framework. Just include the theme after CSS and include JavaScript at the end of your code (before </body> tag).

11. Material Design for AngularJS

Material Design for AngularJS

It’s a specification for a unified system of motion, visual and interaction design for all devices. It consists of lightweight and clean AngularJS native user interface elements that can be used in single page applications.

10. Lollipop GUI Kit

Lollipop GUI Kit

This is Android’s Lollipop xxhdpi graphical user interface kit designed by Sandip D.

9. Lollipop GUI -2

Lollipop GUI -2

This is Android Lollipop 5.0 PSD with all screens including splash, call, notification, inbox, email, manage file and contact feed screen.

8. Material UI kit

Material UI kit

All new material UI kit (HTML + CSS), designed by UltraLinx. Here’s the demo.

7. Lollipop Material Design UI kit

Lollipop Material Design UI kit

This is the Android Lollipop Material design UI kit for sketch, designed by Ivan Bjelajac. The use cases are based on common UX flows in Android app.

6. Material Design Hamburger

Material Design Hamburger

Android’s material design hamburger is built in CSS that currently supports the latest version of all major browsers. Just download the latest release and include the CSS & JS files from the dist folder where desired within your project.

5. Android Music App

Android Music App

Wanna create a music app? The design is ready for you. It includes home screen, login, my music, contacts, sidebar, top playlist, news feed, player, album view and user playlist screen. Available for $15.

4. Materialize


Materialize is the modern, responsive front-end framework based on material design. It includes tons of gorgeous elements and components like badges, buttons, cards, preloader, icons, colors, grid, form, table, media, shadow, typography and much more.

3. LumX


LumX is the responsive front-end framework based on Angular JS and material design specification. It is built on Google guideline, respecting metrics in pixel perfect way.

2. Material UI

Material UI

It’s a CSS framework and a group of react components that implement Google’s material design. For better understanding start with the React library before diving into material UI.

1. Polymer


Polymer is a large library that uses latest web technology to let you create HTML elements. You can build anything from a small button to a complete application as an encapsulated, reusable element that works on all devices.

30+ Excellent Wireframing and Mockup Tools for Designers

It’s not easy to make a website layout that complements rich media. Professional designers need to take advantage of existing mockup or wireframing tools in order to make a great website. It’s a crucial step of app or web development process that opens up numerous useful options.

These tools allow you to make a blueprint that represents a skeleton framework of your website. It focuses on a range of functions, relative priority and the rules for displaying certain kinds of information. We’ve rounded up few Wireframing and Mockup tools (free as well as premium software) that will help you to make rapid prototype of pages while measuring the practicality of design.
The premium tool comes with a free-trial/demo version, so don’t hesitate to try them.  

34. Naview


Naview helps you create easier navigation through prototyping and testing. Create and visualize your elements in multiple ways. You can also test with remote users using surveys and analyze your survey results visually.
Price: Starts at $39 per month (free for personal use).

33. Caretta


Caretta is interface design and software prototyping tool for desktop, mobile and web apps. It is packed with more than 120 design elements, numerous templates, reusable modular design components, which you can use to storyboard your design in order to create dynamic prototype.
Price: Starts at $129 per license.

32. Responsive Wireframes

Responsive Wireframes

It’s a web-based tool for quickly creating framework for any project. It allows you to insert elements, resize or add text, color, opacity etc. The tool focuses on responsive layout and each element can be re-positioned with drag and drop.
Price: Free

31. Sqetch


Sqetch is an illustrator wireframe toolkit that includes several templates and elements. It was created with vectors in order to provide maximum flexibility. Furthermore, every single stroke can be edited separately and every element can be scaled without loss of quality.
Price: Free

30. Lovely Charts

Lovely Charts

It’s a diagramming application that allows you to create professional looking sitemaps, flowcharts, organization charts, business process, wireframes and more. You can also insert images and vector symbol to your work.
Price: Starts at $34 per year.

29. Solidify


Solidify offers a quick way to build prototypes for user testing. You can create designs for desktops, mobiles and tablets. It also helps you to conduct a user test and get unbiased results.
Price: Starts at $19 per month.



It’s a tool with all necessary features to create a wireframe, nothing is added that would distract you. You can create multiple wireframes on the fly with the help of private dashboard, clickable elements, smooth transition and version control. When done, export your work in PNG or PDF format.
Price: Starts at $12 per month.

27. Frame Box

Frame Box

Frame Box is a simple frame sharing web application for creating resizable and easily adjustable wireframes on the fly. It features drag-drop system, collaboration link, read only capability, sketch, edit and preview modes.
Price: Free

26. Wires by QuirkTools

Wires by quirktools

Build wireframes for web right in your browser. It has everything you need to build great designs, including icons, widget library, comments and notations.
Price: Free

25. Serena Prototype Composer

Serena Prototype Composer

Serena Prototype Composer allows you to rapidly simulate how an application will look and function without writing any source code. You can build simple, high fidelity prototypes by using their built-in templates and layouts.
Price: $299 per year.

24. iPlotz


iPlotz allows you to rapidly create clickable, navigable wireframes for prototyping applications and websites. You can also invite others to comment on your work. Once your design is ready, you can then manage the tasks for designers and developers to build the project.
Price: Starts at $15 per month

23. Iphone Mockup

Iphone Mockup

As the name suggests, here you can make illustration or pencil mockup for your iPhone application. There are numerous elements or you can upload your own image. You can share your work by sharing the URL. Everyone who knows the URL can make changes.
Price: Free

22. Visio


Visio is a Microsoft product for creating professional diagrams to simplify complex information with data-linked diagrams, collaboration tools, and updated shapes. And of course, it is available for Windows only.
Price: $500 (one time purchase).

21. HotGloo


HotGloo combines collaborative prototyping and interactive wireframing, all in one tool. It is packed with over 2000 UI elements, pre-built UI stencils and supports real time collaboration and responsive wireframing.
Price: Starts at $14 per month.

20. FlairBuilder


FlairBuilder is a prototyping tool that helps you create interactive wireframes for mobile applications and websites. It is packed with over 60 inbuilt components, master pages & layers, extensible stencil library and advanced interaction features.
Price: $99 (one time purchase).

19. MockFlow


MockFlow is a full featured wireframe tool to design collaborative UI concepts for your websites and apps. It is packed with numerous interactive elements, built-in components, powerful editor, layout builder, whiteboard tool, image manager and more.
Price: Starts at $14 per month (full access).

18. Mockingbird


Mockingbird is an online tool for creating mockups of your website and application. It consists of all UI elements you need, grid system, smart text sizing, multiple pages and supports drag-drop linking and real time collaboration.
Price: Starts at $9 per month.

17. Protoshare


Protoshare is a collaborative prototyping tool that includes library of drag-drop elements, interaction elements, stencils and widgets. Overall, it helps you to share ideas, gather feedback and refine designs.
Price: Starts at $29 per month.

16. Pencil Project

Pencil Project

Pencil Project is a GUI prototyping tool that people can easily install and create mockups without facing much difficulty. It provides you numerous built-in shapes, clipart from the internet, inner page linking and diagram drawing support.
Price: Free/Open Source

15. OmniGraffle


OmniGraffle enables you to quickly bash website diagrams, layout, process charts and wireframe. It includes a wide option for templates, canvases, stencils and objects, which you can set out to design precise, beautiful graphics. The tool is available for Mac and iPad only.
Price: Starts at $99.99 for Mac and $49.99 for iPad (one time purchase).

14. Pidoco


Pidoco is rapid prototyping software where you can create rich interaction, a smart template system, design collaboratively and test on the fly. It is suitable for web, mobile and enterprise application. All your work will be stored in secure German data centers.
Price: Starts at $12 per month.

13. Jumpchart


Jumpchart can be used to quickly plan your website. You can create content, notes mockups, attachments, all in one place. It also lets you gather comments, feedback and there is an option to export your work to WordPress.
Price: Starts at $5 per month.

12. Balsamiq


Balsamiq is a rapid wireframing tool that improves your design by getting immediate and meaningful feedback. It is filled with tons of UI elements that help you build a user interface at the speed of thought. Furthermore, it supports real time collaboration, 3rd party extensions and custom icons.
Price: Get the software for $79 or subscribe web app at $12 per month.

11. Gliffy


Gliffy allows you to create professional looking flowcharts, UML diagrams, Org charts, network diagrams, sitemaps, Venn diagrams, technical drawing, mockups and more, direct from your browser.
Price: $4.95 per month.

10. Axure


Axure allows you to create interactive HTML mockups for websites and apps. Here you can quickly create wireframe with boxes, shapes, placeholders and text. You can also add colors, gradients, import images, semitransparent fills, and many other tools to work at the right fidelity for your website/application.
Price: Starts at $289 per license.

9. Appery


Appery is the first mobile platform that offers a cloud based rapid enterprise mobile app development environment. It comes with integrated back-end services, rich catalog of API plugins, drag-drop visual UI builder, powerful source code editor, instant app testing feature and much more.
Price: Starts at $25 dollar per month.

8. Cacoo


Cacoo is a user friendly online tool that lets you create mind map, flowcharts, wireframes, network and UML diagrams. It supports real time collaboration, multiple sheet work as backgrounds & layers and unlimited undo(s).
Price: Starts at $4.95 per month.

7. Moqups


Moqups is a web app for creating wireframes, mockups and interactive prototypes. It is packed with 60+ handcrafted SVG stencils, comprehensive icon library, SSL communication and allows you to share your project via email, Google drive and Dropbox.
Price: Starts at $9 per month.

6. WireframeSketcher


WireframeSketcher allows you to quickly mockup your website, desktop and mobile application. Here you can create your own templates, icons and widgets. Every element is vector and looks great at any resolution. You can also use version control to work with your team and manage big prototypes.
Price: Starts at $89 per license.

5. Justinmind


Justinmind is all-in-one prototyping tool for web, mobile and Google glass apps. Here you can create your own widget, low fidelity wireframe and run different scenarios to verify and validate enterprise processes. It includes a handy collection of chart, menu, button and more.
Price: Starts at $29 per month or pay $228 for a year.

4. Proto


Proto allows you to create fully interactive high fidelity prototypes for mobile app screen. Here you will find everything that you need to build a modern app. It includes numerous interaction, animations, UI libraries, touch & mouse event and multi-device testing feature.
Price: Starts at $24 per month.

3. UxPin


UxPin offers a complete tool kit of useful UI elements and patterns. It features an optimized workbench, version control & iteration, real time collaboration, editing & chat, inline annotations, responsive previews, intuitive interface rollouts, backup facility and much more.
Price: Starts at $12 per month.

2. InVision


InVision is a prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform. Here, you can quickly convert your design into beautiful, interactive prototype with transitions, gestures and animation for web, Android and iOS. Furthermore, it supports real time collaboration, seamless design communication, version control and synchronization of all your design files.
Price: Starts at $15 per month.

1. Creately


Creately is a fully featured desktop app for creating beautiful diagrams in no time. It allows you to design more than 50 types of diagram (with specialized features) with your colleagues or clients. Thousands of examples and libraries are already there to help you get started.
Price: Starts at $5 per month.

One more thing: Do not forget the traditional approach: Pen and Paper. Although there is no built-in element, but is there anything cheaper and quicker than this?

35+ Useful HTML and CSS Frameworks For Web Designers

Professional web designing is really a tough and time consuming job. Along with the hard work and clever tricks, it requires a perfect combination of HTML and CSS frameworks. There is no doubt that they have revolutionized the way of web designing process. The efficient framework not only saves your time and effort but they also provide various unique functionalities to improve and enhance the overall performance of your design. Thousands of tools are available out there, but we’ve selected few reliable and useful sources that will definitely help you to make your design more efficient and attractive.

36. YAML


YAML is a CSS framework for developing flexible and responsive websites. It provides various building blocks like navigation, forms, grid, typography module and more. All elements are well prepared in HTML5/CSS3 and tested on major web browser.

35. Columnal


Columnal is the CSS grid system that makes responsive prototyping a little easier. It includes built-in debugging CSS, sub-column layout options, vertical spacing classes, PDF of grid system for sketching and wireframing templates.

34. Cardinal


Cardinal is small mobile first CSS framework for developing responsive web applications. It omits many aesthetic designs, complicated CSS and focuses on performance, accessibility and readability.

33. Skel


Skel is a lightweight framework for creating responsive sites and web apps. It features automatic normalization, grid system, breakpoint manager and a ton of configurability to make Skel do whatever you want.

32. Responsive


Responsive is a lightweight grid system that includes 12, 14 & 16 columns, optional gutters, clearfix and box sizing polyfill. You just need to add predefined classes to build your grid structure.

31. Simple Grid

Simple Grid

Simple grid is designed for developers who need a barebones grid. It adapts to any size of layout but perfect for 1140 px. The lightweight 12 column structure easily divides into 2, 3, 4 and 6 giving you numerous possibilities.

30. Ink


Ink (built by Zurb) helps you craft HTML emails that can be read anywhere on any device. Its 12 column grid blends flexibility and stability so your subscribers can view your emails perfectly.

29. Profound Grid

Profound Grid

It’s a responsive grid system for fixed and fluid layout, built on SCSS. Profound grid gives you flexibility and full control so you can change/add/remove column & gutter width as needed. It works without any “grid_x” class (unless you want to include them) and uses negative margins to calculate columns.

28. Sencha

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is an HTML5 framework with over 50 inbuilt components, MVC system and templates (for every mobile device) for creating powerful web apps. It features smooth scrolling, fluid animation, adaptive layouts, infinite carousel, deep linking and much more.

27. Framework7


It’s a full featured HTML framework which is perfect for building iOS hybrid apps or web apps that looks and feels like native iOS apps. It includes plenty of UI components and features like native scrolling, split view, high performance animation, caching, pre-loading etc.

26. Clank


Clank is used for prototyping native tablet/phone applications. It uses Sass and compass ensures a maintainable codebase. You can use generators to create webpages quickly and use vector files to automatically create icon fonts.

25. Bijou


Bijou is a beautiful CSS framework under 2Kb. It is equipped with numerous elements including typography, tables, grids, buttons and alerts.

24. Montagejs


Montagejs is an HTML5 framework for creating single page applications, maintained by Montage Studio. It allows you to build modular architecture of project and helps developers and designers to work collaboratively.

23. Layer CSS

Layer CSS

Layer is a lightweight framework that comes with a small footprint. It features normalization & sensible defaults, fluid grid, lists, tables, forms and other tools. No color, no border, no rounded corners, no px definition, just a simple design.

22. Base


Base is fast, lightweight and responsive framework for building web apps for all devices & browsers. It helps you write clean, organized and well-structured CSS code that you can easily maintain over time.

21. Susy


Susy framework is perfect for developing responsive websites with powerful media query controls. It is more flexible than any one framework and comes with asymmetric layouts, background grid, gutter positions and span mixin feature.

20. Almost Flat UI

Almost Flat UI

Almost Flat UI is based on foundation framework and includes various elements like navigation, buttons, forms, typography and CSS components for creating beautiful webpages quickly.

  1. Zebra


The Zebra approach sits on HTML5 canvas elements which are used for creating rich UI web-apps. Its UI engine offers pixel by pixel rendering, flexible event manipulation, font metric calculation, data model description, layered UI architecture and much more. It also supports inertial scrolling, touch and virtual keyboard input.

18. HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML Kickstart

HTML5 boilerplate helps you build fast, robust and adaptable websites and web-apps. It includes optimized Google analytics snippet, touch device icons, CSS resets, print styles, docs covering various tips and tricks.

17. Ivory


Ivory is simple, flexible and powerful responsive framework that makes your front-end development faster and easier. It supports grid system, typography and various UI components and you can build design anywhere between 1200px and 320px.

16. Responsee


Responsee is lightweight and initiative CSS framework for developing fast responsive design. You can create mobile website using dedicated basic elements and components, and then begin building versions for larger display. It features grid system, tables, icon sets, image carousel, custom forms and a few built-in templates.

15. Cascade


Cascade is a feature rich CSS framework, inspired by twitter Bootstrap. You can build high performance websites in less time for new as well as older browsers. It features semantic + non semantic grid layouts, table designs, navigation elements, base templates and more.

14. Ratchet


Ratchet is used for creating mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS and JS components. It was originally used by Twitter as their internal tool for building mobile app prototype. It is packed with font icon sets and pre-designed UI themes for both iOS and Android.

13. Skeleton


Skeleton is simple, light (400 LOC) and responsive boilerplate, built with mobile in mind. You don’t need to compile or install anything to get started. Skeleton is packed with grid system, typography, buttons, forms, lists, tables, media queries and other small utilities.

12. GroundworkCSS


GroundworkCSS is a responsive framework for creating scalable and accessible web applications. It is built with Sass and features grid system, responsive text, rapid prototyping, form elements, tabs, message boxes, icons and animations.

11. Foundation


Foundation (by Zurb) is an advanced front-end framework for creating responsive web pages. Everything is semantic and highly customizable. Also, there is an inbuilt command line tool to speed up your coding process.

10. Kube


Kube is a flexible web framework that helps you spend less time on regular tasks and focus more on creating amazing products. It includes numerous CSS components such as grid, typography, blocks, tables, forms, buttons, notifications, search, icons and mixins, which works on all modern browsers.

9. Ionic


Ionic is an HTML5 framework for developing hybrid mobile apps. It offers HTML, CSS, JS components, gestures and other useful tools for building highly interactive apps. Use iconic if you are concerned with app performance.

8. HTML Kickstart

HTML Kickstart

Kickstart provides HTML5, CSS, JS building block for rapid web development. It includes buttons, menus, lists, tables, tooltips, typography, glyphs, breadcrumbs, tabs, grids, images, sliders, forms and much more.

7. Concise


Concise is a lightweight CSS framework (supports Vanilla CSS & SASS) perfect for all devices. It includes great base styling and many add-ons that are highly extensible.

6. Pure


Pure is a set of small and responsive CSS modules, crafted with mobile devices in mind. By using forms, grids, tables, menus and tools, you can build beautiful layouts for all devices. Furthermore, Pure has minimal and flat design which can be customized by adding few lines of CSS.

5. Metro UI

Metro UI

It’s a metro Bootstrap CSS library that contains a set of styles to create websites with interface similar to Windows 8. It includes title, navigation, visualization, date/time, grid system, 300+ built-in icons and information elements.

4. UIkit


UIkit is a lightweight and modular front-end framework for creating fast and powerful web interfaces. It includes a set of HTML, CSS and JS components which are easy to customize and extendable.

3. Semantic UI

Semantic UI

Semantic UI (open source library) provides complete design freedom. You can change the whole look and feel of every single element with just a handful of lines. It is packed with over 3000 CSS variable and 500 UI definition. Developers are soon going to add different themes and layout, so you don’t have to start from the scratch.

2. Gumby


Gumby is a simple, flexible and responsive CSS framework powered by Saas. It features multiple types of grids with column variation, beautiful UI kit, fancy tiles, multiple breakpoints to shuffle layout, responsive images, and various toggles & switches.

1. Bootstrap


No need to introduce this framework. Still, if you are not living on earth; Bootstrap is most popular (number one project on Github) HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing modern, responsive websites. It consist of various HTML elements, advanced grid system, dozens of reusable components and jQuery plugins. It is made for all developers, all devices and all project sizes.

40+ Useful JavaScript Frameworks for Developers

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language developed by Brendan Eich while working for Netscape Communications Corporation. It is generally used as a common script web browser and supports imperative, functional and object oriented coding styles.

However, building a standalone project on JavaScript is quite time consuming and difficult. To deal with these difficulties various JavaScript Frameworks have been developed. All these frameworks are supposed to encapsulate some common application functionality, allowing you to focus on unique parts of the application. Some of the most popular examples are MooTools, Jasmine, socketIO etc. A few most common frameworks are not added in the list because the aim is to introduce the unknown and new stuff. We are presenting 40 extremely helpful JavaScript frameworks for developers and programmers. Most of them are open source.

41. Sammy.js


Sammy is a small framework built on a system of plugins and adapters. It provides the basic structure and includes the only code you need. Furthermore, the entire API is designed to be easy to read and understand.

40. SproutCore


SproutCore is an open source framework for building fast and innovative user experiences on the web. It includes HTML5 technologies, clean MVC architecture, client side logic and various built-in tools to make your app look good. You can build small as well as enterprise apps and access it from anywhere.

39. rAppid.js


rAppid is declarative rich internet application developed and based on JavaScript and XML. It lets you encapsulate complexity into components which can be easily used like HTML elements.

38. The M project

The M Project

The M project is a JavaScript framework with advanced features of HTML5 that helps you build great mobile apps quickly. This is an open source project that supports multiple devices and runs in every browser.

37. Qooxdoo


Qooxdoo is a universal framework with a coherent set of individual components. It allows you to create rich, interactive and native like apps for mobile devices and lightweight single page web applications. It works on all devices and operating systems.

36. Cappuccino


Cappuccino is used for modern app development for the web with fewer lines of code. The appkit includes a huge number of controls so that you can build complex apps without putting much effort. On Mac, you can build cappuccino UI in Xcode’s interface builder, just like in Cocoa.

35. ChocolateChipUI


ChocolateChipUI is an advanced mobile framework that includes CSS, HTML and JavaScript. It gives the native look for your web application. The tool supports iOS, Android and Windows platform.

34. Batman.js

Batman js

Batman.js built with Rails development and scalability in mind, allowing you to use less code and save time. It supports data bindings for rapid building of HTML, liquid style filter syntax and structured directory hierarchy.

33. CanJS

Can JS

CanJS is simple, small and easy to learn library that allows you to build complex application quickly. It supports custom tags, 2 way binding, observables, memory safety and more.

32. Feathers


FeathersJS makes it easy to get REST and real time API using SocketIO and other websocket libraries supported by Primus. You can drop it in your existing Express 4 app and start adding new services right away.

31. QUnit


QUnit is a powerful and easy to use testing framework. It is used by jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery mobile projects. QUnit is capable of testing any generic JavaScript code, including its own codes. It is currently available for jQuery CDN hosted by MaxCDN.

30. AmplifyJS


AmplifyJS is a set of components that aims to solve common web application problem with simplistic API. It adds a few additional features to jQuery’s Ajax while abstracting the underlying data source.

29. SpineJS


Spine is a simple and lightweight framework based on Model View Controller.  It is written in CoffeeScript and doesn’t consist large amount of widgets. Furthermore, it supports real-world environment, asynchronous server communication, lightweight controller implementation, Full model layer, ORM and works in all major browsers.

28. Prototype


Prototype eliminates the complexities of client side web coding. It is built to solve real world problems and adds helpful extensions to the browser scripting environment. Moreover, it provides stunning APIs and Document Object Model.

27. SnackJS


Snack is ideal for small projects, distributed under MIT license. It allows you to build complex and cross browser web applications.

26. jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile

jQuery mobile is HTML5 based UI system designed to build responsive apps and websites for smartphones, tablets and desktops. You don’t need to write for each mobile device or OS, just create once and run it anywhere.

25. Agility.js

agility js

Agility.js lets you write maintainable and reuse browser code without any overhead found in other MVC libraries. Agility is a small JavaScript file that depends on only recent version of jQuery.

24. DHTMLX Touch


DHTMLX Touch is a free JavaScript mobile framework for HTML5 web apps. Not just a collection of UI widgets, but it’s a complete framework that allows you unique and robust web apps for Android, iOS and Windows.

23. Pyjamas


Pyjamas is a framework for building the client side of Ajax based application in Python which can be run in any internet browser as well as desktop applications. It includes an Ajax framework, widget set API and standalone Python-to-JavaScript compiler.

22. Ext JS


Ext is a powerful framework for building business application. It is packed with rich data package, 1000 documented API, over 150 user interface components for desktop, tablets other touch based devices. The premium version is available for 30 day trial.

21. Riot.js

Riot JS

Riot is a standalone library that has only 3 public methods and a strict MVP pattern to organize all stuff. The views in application are automatically updated whenever the underlying model changes. The minimal approach will help you understand every single piece of your application.

20. Serenade.js

Serenade js

Serenade.js is a light and compact client side framework for creating eye catching web pages. It is built on the MVC pattern, supports data binding and capable to handle complex applications.

19. AuraJS


AuraJS is set of declarative components for event driven RequireJS apps. The components represent a unit of page and events give components a rich way to communicate at local or global level.

18. Reactive Coffee

Reactive Coffee

This is a lightweight Coffeescript for building scalable web interface and reactive programming. It supports declarative DOM construction and works with jQuery and all popular browsers.

17. Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium is a JavaScript framework for creating cloud connected native apps. You can rapidly build, test, package and publish mobile apps using a single code base. The framework supports a large community of mobile developers.

16. JavaScriptMVC


JavaScriptMVC is a collection of best practices and tools for creating feature-rich application. It is built on the top of jQuery and helps you to enhance code quality, performance and structure. Highly recommended for new developers.

15. Soma.js

Soma js

Soma.js is a lightweight framework that has been designed to create loosely coupled applications. It can be used as a model view controller framework and to use independent sandboxed widgets or modules. It helps you to increase the stability and maintainability of your application while it grows.

14. Ionic


Ionic is a beautiful front end framework for creating hybrid mobile apps with HTML5. It is built with Sass and primarily optimized for AngularJS. Furthermore, it offers a library of mobile optimized CSS, HTML, gesture and JS components.

13. Stapes.js


Stapes gives you necessary building blocks to build quality applications. It is perfect for mobile sites. Stapes has 20 methods and supports custom events, class creation and data methods. With just 600 LOCs and it’s easy to debug and see how it works.

12. KnockoutJS


Knockout is small and lightweight JavaScript based on Model-View-ViewModel pattern. It features declarative binding, automatic UI refresh, dependency tracking and templating.

11. Webix


Webix provides numerous JavaScript UI widgets to develop data rich desktop and mobile web apps with responsive interface. These widgets can be easily customized in accordance with your preferences.

10. Meteor


Meteor is used for building web and mobile applications. It is written in Node.js and uses the Distributed data protocol. Meteor features hot code pushes, live page updates, latency compensation, unified package system and much more.

9. Wakanda


Wakanda is used for developing mobile and web applications for enterprise as well as startup level. It offers two different styles for defining your data model: JavaScript API and visual data modeling tool using Wakanda studio. It supports all platforms and is cloud ready on the back-end.

8. Flight


Flight is lightweight, component based and event driven web framework developed and used by Twitter. It is organized around the DOM model with functionality map directly to DOM nodes.

7. Polymer


Polymer is designed to leverage the existing browser infrastructure to provide the extendibility and encapsulation.  It is based on Model driven views, Shadow DOM and custom elements.

6. Dojo


Dojo is designed to ease the rapid development of cross platform, JavaScript + Ajax based application and webpages. It allows you to create various dynamic charts, tables, 2d vector drawing, menu, tabs, tooltips and animation effects.

5. Ember.js

ember js

Ember.js is used for creating ambitious web applications. It is based on Model-view-controller architecture and provides 2 way data binding, rich object model, router for managing program state and automatically updating template powered by handlebars.js.

4. MooTools


MooTools is a set of JavaScript utilities for beginner to advanced level developers. This is the most popular object oriented framework used in more than 5% of all websites.

3. React


React (developed by Facebook and Instagram) can be used for creating user interface and building large apps with data that changes over time. It uses a virtual DOM diff implementation for high performance and can render on the server using Node.js.

2. Backbone.js

backbone js

Backbone.js is based on Actor Model application and Model View Presenter paradigm. It gives structure to the web applications and connects it all to your existing API through RESTful JSON interface. Digg, bitTorrent, Flixster, Hulu, Pinterest, Soundcloud , WordPress, Airbnb are built on Backbone.js.

1. AngularJS


AngularJS is perfect for single page application, maintained by Google & community of individual developers. It lets you extend HTML with new attributes and works well with other libraries. Every feature can be replaced or modified according to your development workflow and needs.

Having Puns with CSS

“A pun a day keeps a doctor away”. I don’t know how much true is that sentence but I am quite familiar with the job of a web designer. Sometimes it’s frustrating.
For our non-tech readers: CSS is a style sheet language for designing the format and look of the content present on a web page. It is used to deal with color, fonts, background, borders etc. It also helps developers in depicting the right shape, right side and right angle of a certain webpage after modification.

Inspired by Reddit thread, today’s article showcases a mega list of CSS puns that will put a smile on every designer and programmer’s face. The good thing about these puns is, even non-technical people can understand and enjoy it.
Along with jokes and humor, this article will help you to learn something about ‘how to write CSS code’. It covers puns from daily life, politics, geography, movies and more. I bet there isn’t a great or more interesting way than this to learn about basic front-end programming. So, take a break and let the fun begin.




Apple vs samsung


berlin wall


Bermuda Triangle display none


Big Bang


Chicken before egg




criminal records






eminem rap










Internet Explorer


invisibility cloak harry potter


mad eye moody


kim kardashian




laughing mouth






Mexico USA Border


CSS puns - muffins


Having puns with CSS- muscles


music concert


ninja black




Oliver queen


periodic table




rich and working people








single lane road


sniper mode




The Hulk


Thumbs up


titanic float none


tower of pisa


uk driver




wife is always right






zero edge pool



40+ Useful Tools for Developing Android Apps

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and months of work to enter the mobile market. If you want to create an app for your business, blog, product or service, all you need is knowledge of Java and right combination of tools. Today, thousands of software/web tools are available out there to get you started. We’ve made a small attempt to minimize your development efforts. This article includes everything you need to develop, test, monetize, analyze and enhance your app. No matter who you are or on what scale you wanna develop, these tools will help you build more polished Android apps with the biggest chance of meeting your target. Here we go…

Note: You need to buy free version tools to unlock all advanced features.

41. JSONView


JSONView is a small Firefox extension that lets you view JSON document in the browser. The document is well formatted, highlighted and objects and arrays can be collapsed.

40. Android GUI Set

Android GUI set

This is free Android GUI set including Photoshop files. It consists of main menu, keyboard, status bar, browser, screen label, slider, contact list, circle buttons, radio, option panel and many more interfaces.

39. XAppDbg


XAppDbg is an app development tool (by Sony) which is used to change parameters of code during runtime. This can save you a lot of time, since you don’t have to test/run your app for each tiny change.
Price: Free

38. Android Holo Colors Generator

Android Holo Colors Generator

This holo color creator allows you to create beautiful Android components like spinner/editext with your own colors for your apps. It will generate necessary patch assets, XML drawables and styles which you can copy direct into your project.
Price: Free

37. Android Action Bar Style Generator

Android Action Bar Style Generator

This action bar generator allows you to create attractive custom action bar style for your Android app. It will create necessary patch assets, styles and XML drawables that you can apply direct to your application.
Price: Free

36. TestObject


TestObject helps Android developers make test scenarios, record them and execute them. It gives you the facility to access over 120 real Android devices right from your browser. Errors are detected automatically, like security exception, illegal state, null pointer etc.
Price: Starting at 89 per month.

35. Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps

This is an affordable app maker for simple and small businesses. Select the pre-designed template or start from scratch. You can design and implement (without coding) your own artistic style with their amazing features set. Publish and promote your app and track your user base plus return on investment.
Price: Starts at $29 per month.

34. Splunk


Splunk monitors the performance and usage of your apps. Just one line installation and you’ll receive complete error information, event analytics, real time transactions and network monitoring reports.
Price: Free for apps with 1 thousand monthly active users.

33. Ubertesters


Ubertesters is a complete mobile app testing tool that lets you organize, execute, control and monitor your app beta testing process. It supports in-app bug editing, over-the-air (OTA) app distribution, real time monitoring and integration with external bug tracking system.
Price: Free for up to 5 users.

32. Android Layout Binder

Android Layout Binder

Android Layout Binder converts your XML layouts into a set of decelerations. You need to enter the prefix of your field, select the mode and enter the Layout XML.
Price: Free

31. Jsonstub


Jsonstub allows you to fake (mockup) the back-end while you develop the front-end. All you need is your favorite JavaScript framework or mobile development environment to start building apps. It can be used simultaneously by those who work on the client and those who work on the services.
Price: Free

  1. Mobile Dev HQ

Mobile Dev HQ

It’s an SEO (Search engine optimization) for mobile apps. Their data provide the best keywords based on relevance, difficulty and search volume. You will be able to track your search ranking positions for specific keywords.
Price: Free for tracking up to 10 apps.

29. APKAnalyser


APKAnalyser is static and virtual analysis tool that can be used view app architecture, dependencies, API references and disassemble bytecodes in Android apps. It allows you to explore packages, classes, methods, fields, decode Android XML files and modify APK file.
Price: Free

28. GitEye


GitEye (by CollabNet) combines simple and powerful graphical Git client with central visibility into essential developer tasks like agile planning, defect tracking, code reviews and build tools. You can integrate it with CloudForge, TeamForge, Jira, BugZilla, GitHub and more.
Price: Starts at $350 per month.

27. Push IO

Push IO

The Oracle Push Cloud Service is an enterprise class push notification platform designed to meet the needs of modern marketers and world’s best apps. It provides lightweight SDK, powerful APIs and Web Dashboard to target users based on geo-location, preferences and device metrics.
Price: As per the project.

26. LiveCode


LiveCode is English-like language for developing Android and iPhone apps. Here you can develop live prototypes that use the full capabilities of mobile devices and deploy to whatever platform your customers need. Moreover, it is packed with numerous tutorials to help you along the way.
Price: Starts at $299 per year.



GENWI is smartphone and tablet publishing platform that allows you to create and manage your presence on all popular mobile devices. It delivers rich graphics, images, videos, audio, interaction and revenue generating capabilities for businesses like in-app subscription, coupons, ads etc.
Price: As per the project.

24. Applause


Applause is wild testing platform that provides the feedback from testers and users. It reports in-app bugs, automatic crashes and in-app user feedback. Moreover, the Applause SDK automatically keeps your testers up to date with the latest build of your app, ensuring they all are focused on the version that matters the most.
Price: As per the project.

23. BitBucket


BitBucket is a web-based hosting service for project that uses GIT OR MERCURIAL. It allows you to work as a team, pull requests, review codes and share unlimited private repositories.
Price: Free for 5 users.

22. App Icon Sizes

App Icon Sizes

At some stage of mobile app development process, you will need splash screens, icons and default Android graphics. This need is fulfilled by AppIconSizes. It generates all necessary files from single image and creates the correct folder structure which Android requires.
Price: Free (no ads, no watermarks)

21. Android Icon Generator

Android Icon Generator

This icon generator allows you to easily generate icons from existing source clipart, text and images. Here you can create launcher icons, notification icons, generic icons, action bar and tab icons.
Price: Free

20. IBM Mobile Push Notification

IBM Mobile Push Notification

IBM mobile push notification offers a flexible and easy to use environment for building notification campaigns which engage mobile app users at the optimal time and location. You can target communications according to your business rules, customer behavior, customer relationship management and current segmentation.
Price: Based on the project.

19. Spoon


Spoon distributes the instrumentation tests execution and shows the results in a meaningful way. It is packed with a device view that outlines the results of each test one a single device and a test view which shows the results of a single test across all of the devices it was executed on.
Price: Free

18. Kendo UI

Kendo UI

Kendo UI includes everything for building mobile and web apps with HTML5 and JavaScript. Over 70 jQuery-based UI widgets are packed in one tool. Kendo also supports Angular JS integration, mobile controls, Bootstrap and offline data solution.
Price: $699

  1. Cenzic


Cenzic Mobile is a security service to protect the data on the latest online front. It uses Hailstorm technology to analyze mobile application and detect vulnerabilities in critical areas such as input validation authentication mechanism, session security and encryption usage.
Price: As per the project.

16. MyAppBuilder


MyAppBuilder uses phone gap framework for creating apps using standardized web API’s of the platform you like. The apps are created using web technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS. You can build apps for author/publisher, real estate, restaurants, digital goods, bands, sports, news, car dealership, nonprofits, tickets, events and more.
Price: Starts at $9 per month.

15. Pubnub


Pubnub is super-fast cloud hosted messaging service for real time apps. Send and listen to events within your app using simple publish and subscribe API calls. You can stream, store, sync, protect and manage data to any device, anywhere.
Price: Free for up to 1 million messages per month.

14. SwebApps


SwebApps provides a platform to create web apps and native Android apps. It is built to handle small as well as large scale applications. You can add photos, videos, audio files, documents, event details and there are categories and subcategories for all organizational freaks.
Price: Starts at $19 per month.

13. Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch provides JavaScript & HTML framework and development tools to build complete touch based apps in a single integrated package. It gives designers the ability to prototype applications with pixel perfect clarity, and developers a perfect code editor and interactive charts.
Price: $3855

12. Appboy


Appboy is a web tool that allows you to monitor and measure CRM, user engagement, analytics and more, in real time. You can create a relevant experience for each user and vary your outreach via in-app messages, push email and industry first news feed.
Price: Starts at $10 per month

11. ShoutEm


ShoutEm is simple and powerful mobile app creator that has everything you need to build amazing apps, without any coding skills. It is packed with drag-drop interface, CMS, analytics, monetization and publish/preview tools. Moreover, you get unlimited support, maintenance and free updates.
Price: Starts at $19.90 per month.

10. Fluid UI

Fluid UI

Fluid UI is web-based mobile prototyping tool that lets you rapidly assemble native looking mockups. You can select from 3500+ mobile, tablet and wearable widgets or upload your own image to get pixel perfect look. Moreover, you can preview/test your mockup directly in your browser and share it with clients and stakeholders.
Price: Starts at $10 per month.

9. Appcelerator


Appcelerator is an open, cloud based enterprise platform creating, delivering and analyzing your mobile app. Write an app (all in JavaScript) and it will provide you live prototyping, code optimization and full automated testing to deliver high performance app.
Price: Free

8. PhoneGap


PhoneGap allows you to easily create apps using web technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript. You can develop locally and then see the changes instantly on mobile device with their cross platform app. Your app is compiled in the cloud.
Price: Free/Open Source

7. Proto


Proto allows you to build fully interactive high fidelity prototypes that look and work exactly your app should (No coding skills needed). With Proto, you can test the prototype on actual device and feel the app experience with rich animations, interactions and gestures.
Price: Starts at $24 per month.

6. Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is a CMS that helps you build customizable apps with ease and update them on the fly. This cloud platform supports geo-targeted marketing campaigns, user analytics, push notification, any time content updates and packed with various engagement tools.
Price: Starts at $149 per month.

5. Parse


Parse is a complete mobile app platform that allows you to focus on creating unique apps (on any platform). It takes care of almost everything you apps need, from the core to analytics and push notification, localized documentation to crash reporting.
Price: Free for 1 concurrent job

4. Apiary


Build beautiful and clean APIs with Apiary. It will save you a lot of time for back-end and front-end discussion. It is packed with some great features like instant API mock, collaborative design, integrated code samples, generated documentation, debugging and automated testing tools.
Price: Free for 1 user.

3. GameSalad Creator

GameSalad Creator

This is the fastest game creation engine (integrated with physics engine) that lets you design and test your own game (No coding skills required). The software has a visual drag-drop interface and a deep behavior library to make game designing process fast and easy. It also shows you real and vital stats of your game performance.
Price: Free

2. Appmakr


Appmakr provides the quickest way to create a mobile app for your blog, business or community group using drag drop feature (No coding skills required). You can easily add photos, videos, maps, social feeds and more. When done, post it on Google Play and start analyzing and monetizing your app.
Price: Free

1. Genymotion


We all know starting the emulator and running an app is a slow and tedious process. Genymotion is designed to solve this problem, by providing hardware accelerated Android emulator. It supports various Android API levels and work seamlessly with Android Studio. Genymotion uses x86 architecture virtualization and packed with 20 pre-configured devices.
Price: Free for personal use.

30 Amazing PHP Libraries for Programmers and Developers

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is used as a general programming language for web development. It’s a server site scripting language that powers roughly 240 million websites. The PHP source code can be implemented with HTML code, or it can be used with various web frameworks, template engines and standalone graphical applications. Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress are few popular websites that are built on PHP.

PHP Libraries allow programmers to take complete advantage of object oriented approach. PHP has many inbuilt library API, for example cURL. The best thing about PHP is it’s a free source where anyone can make his/her own library for others to use.
We have gathered few amazing PHP libraries which will help you do some cool stuff without putting much effort. Just import them to test and furnish your coding experience.

The aim is to introduce new and unknown stuff, that's why the list doesn't include popular libraries.

30. Goutte


Goutte is used for scraping website and extracting data, licensed under MIT license. It offers a great API to crawl websites/blogs and extract data from HTML/XML resources.

29. GoogChart


GoogChart is a PHP class designed for creating and maintaining dynamic charts through Google charts. It doesn’t cover whole Google charts API but makes it very simple to use it.

28. GifCreator


The name says it all. It’s a PHP class that generates animated GIF from multiple images. You just need to provide images and their duration, that’s it. Moreover, the dimension and transparency of output are based on the first frame.

27. dBug


dBug is the PHP version of ColdFusion’s sfdump. It displays colored and well-structured tabular variable information. Stylesheet can be edited and table can be expanded/collapsed. dBug also has the ability to force certain types of outputs. For example, you can force an array type variable to be outputted as an object variable.

26. Alice


Alice allows you to generate hundreds of fake data (fixtures) instantly for testing purpose. You can produce complex data with constraints that can be read or edit easily. It lets you control fixture ranges, optional data, object value and unique constraints.

25. PHPGeo


PHPGeo is a simple library for measuring distance between two coordinates with high precision. It uses Haversine and Vincenty’s formula to calculate the distance. You can integrate this with any app related to maps or locations.

24. Geocoder


If you are planning to develop any geo aware application then you should take a look at Geocoder. It’s an extensible PHP library split into 2 parts: Provider and HttpAdapter. It also offers an abstraction layer for geocoding manipulation.

23. Purl


Purl is an Object Oriented library for URL manipulation. You can create URL instances easily and chain methods together after creating the URL. The library supports path, fragment and query manipulation.

22. Snappy


Snappy lets you generate snapshot, thumbnail and PDF from a URL or HTML page. This library uses the webkit based on wkhtmltoimage and wkhtmltopdf available for Windows, OSX and Linux.

21. ShellWrap


ShellWrap is a library that allows you to use powerful Unix/Linux tools within PHP. You can easily pipe commands together, use simple syntax and capture error as PHP exception. All arguments are properly escaped and paths to binaries are resolved automatically.

20. Unirest


Unirest is a collection of lightweight HTTP libraries which is ideal for numerous applications. Make PUT, DELETE, PATCH, GET and POST requests. It supports gzip, basic authentication, file upload, form parameters and custom body entities like timeout and default header for each request.

19. IniScan


IniScan is a tool designed for scanning PHP INI files for security. It searches for common security errors and report back results. You can also request the scan files only that are above threshold.

18. PHP Captcha


PHP Captcha can be used for generating audio and visual CAPTCHAs. It supports character rotation, font size selection, character set selection, random or custom background, optional display text and character shadow.

17. Ratchet


Ratchet is a loosely coupled PHP library that offers various tools to develop real time, bidirectional applications between servers and clients over WebSockets. There are many components available to easily add functionality. You can write your own chat application within minutes.



TCPDF is a PHP class (open source) for generating PDF documents. It supports all standard page formats, custom page format, UTF-8 unicode, PDF annotation including links, text rendering mode, font subsetting, text stretching & spacing, page compression, TrueTypeUnicode and OpenTypeUnicode.

15. Munee


Munee library can be used to compile CoffieScript, LESS, SCSS, resize image, minify JS & CSS, and cache assets on both server and client side, without changing the assets in template. Overall, this is a good option for achieving lightning fast requests and saving your bandwidth.

14. HTML Purifier

HTML Purifier

HTML purifier is an HTML filtering library developed for removing all malicious code. It can be used for protecting your code from XSS attacks. This library uses combination of robust whitelists, aggressive parsing and makes sure that the resulting markup is standards compliant.

13. Detector


Detector is an open source library for detecting numerous information of users/visitors. It can help you to build accurate web analytics. It displays user agent, device type, browser used along with its HTML and CSS capabilities. It also tells whether the data is fetched by human or robot bot.

12. Whoops


Whoops helps you to deal with errors and exception in a less painful way. It provides a great error interface that tells you details of errors & exception present in the code (with line highlight). Moreover, it supports JSON, XML, SOAP and AJAX.

11. Gaufrette


Gaufrette provides a filesystem abstraction layer which permits you to develop your application without the need to know where and how media files will be stored. It also allows you to update file locations without altering the source code apart from the definition of filesystem.

10. Imagine


Imagine is a rich object oriented library for image manipulation. It can handle various operations like open, save, create, resize, watermark, create collage, apply image reflection filter etc. Imagine’s coordinate system allows you to draw different shapes on images. The color class helps you to generate RGB value to apply colors to images. It also supports layer and animated GIF manipulation.

9. Idiorm


Idiorm is a lightweight object relational mapper and fluent query builder for PHP5, which is built on top of PDO. With it, you don’t need to write long and routine SQL. Moreover, it requires no XML configuration, no model classes and no code generation.

8. phpFastCache


As the name suggests, it is the high performance object caching system. It is designed to speed up dynamic web applications by reducing database load. It supports multiple caching methods (period can be defined explicitly) including memcache, memcached, files, wincache, mpdo, pdo and apc. You don’t have to write your PHP caching class again whenever you change servers.

7. JpGraph


JpGraph is a PHP library for creating object oriented graphs. It has over 200 built in country flag, 400 named colors and supports advanced Gantt chart, multiple Y-axis, alpha blending and internal caching (with timeout). This library allows you to create line, bar, pie, map, stock, polar, radar, balloon and contour charts of any size.

  1. SEOstats


SEOstats is a powerful open source library that provides various SEO related metrics such as detailed backlink analysis, page authority, website trends, keyword, traffic stats, Alexa rank and much more. It gathers data from Alexa, Google, Moz, open site explorer, SEMRush, Facebook and Twitter.

5. PHP Parser

PHP parser

PHP parser written in PHP to simplify static code analysis and manipulation. It converts the PHP source code into an abstract syntax tree. The syntax tree helps you to easily analyze the code issues and errors. Moreover, you can turn a syntax tree back into PHP code. The example is shown in the image where the white portion represents simple code and black portion contains generated syntax tree.

  1. PHP Error

PHP Error

PHP Error library is used to transform default error messages into better ones with full syntax highlighting and code snippet. It fixes some error messages that are just plain wrong and works for AJAX too. Moreover, you can manually turn it off or on, run a specific section without error reporting and ignore selected files.



PHP-CPP is a C++ library which can be used to develop PHP extensions. It is packed with easy to use and well documented classes for building native extensions in PHP. This can speed up your program because code written in C++ executes faster than PHP.

2. Eden


Eden is a set of reusable components that works with almost all PHP framework and CMS. It covers components for autoloading, caching, file systems, web services, templating, i18n, payment gateway, shipping and cloud technologies. It works with all major web services including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, PayPal, Tumblr, foursquare and Amazon web services.

1. Locust


Locust is easy to use, user load testing tool. It can be used for figuring out how many concurrent users a system can handle. It allows you to write user test scenarios in Python. Locust has a great interface (HTML+JS) that displays relevant text details in real time.

25 Useful Python Frameworks for Developers

Python programming language integrates systems more efficiently. Whereas a framework is a collection of module/packages which allows developers to finish their job quickly, without having to handle low level details like sockets, protocol or process/thread management.
Well, there are a lot of frameworks out there to help you. We’ve picked a few of those to save your time and effort. This list includes both popular and unknown frameworks (in no particular order). Have a look…

25. Reahl


Reahl allows you to build web applications purely in Python, using concepts familiar from GUI programming like reusable widgets and events. You can define input validation in one place, hide or grey out certain user interface elements in response to changing user rights and customize your system to display user interface elements differently depending on local language or user.


Itty-py is a small web framework that currently supports Routing, basic responses, HTTP status codes, current-types, header, redirect, file uploads, URL parameters and static media serving.

23. Pecan


Pecan is a lean Python framework inspired by Pylons, CherryPy and TurboGears. It’s a very lightweight framework that offers an extensive feature set for creating HTTP based applications. Pecan includes object-dispatch for easy routing and support for REST-style controllers, JSON and extensible template language.

22. Libavg


Libavg is a 3rd party library, written in C++ and scripted from Python. It allows programmers and designers to quickly develop media applications. It supports OpenGL, makes use of hardware acceleration and variety of display elements like text, images, camera output, videos and vector graphics.

21. Bobo


Bobo is a lightweight framework for developing WSGI web applications. It includes functions like mapping URL to objects and calling objects to generate HTTP responses. It doesn’t have templating language, database integration layer, and other features that can be provided by application-specific libraries.

20. Zope2


Zope2 is both a web framework and a general purpose application server. Since its release in 1998, Zope continued to grow and evolved into many different applications, frameworks, libraries and tools.

19. Grok


Grok is a powerful Python web framework, for both beginners and experts. It is built using Zope3 library and focuses on creating pluggable building blocks that you can use to build your application. Furthermore, it comes with a DRY approach, which makes it an excellent tool with convention over configuration structure.

18. Klein


Klein is a micro web framework for creating production ready web services with Python. It tries to do the right thing with what you return (in bytes). You can return a regular text, resource and renderable, either synchronously (via return) or asynchronously (via Deferred).

17. Morepath


Morepath is Python WSGI micro framework, which uses model driven and flexible approach. It is extensible with a simple, coherent, universal extension and override mechanism supporting reusable code. It understands about hyperlinks and has all tools to develop REST web services.

16. Werkzeug


Werkzeug is a WSGI utility library for Python, packed with powerful debugger, cache control header, full featured request and response objects, HTTP utilities to handle tags, file uploads, cookie handling, URL routing system and a few community-contributed add-on modules. It doesn’t enforce a specific template engine or database adapter.

15. wxPython


wxPython is a cross platform GUI library written in C++. It allows you to easily create programs with a robust, highly functional graphical user interface. Along with standard dialog, it includes dockable windows, 2d path drawing API, support for various file formats, and both word processing and text editing widgets.

14. CubicWeb


CubicWeb is a semantic web application framework that empowers developers to build web applications by reusing components and object oriented design principles. It features a query language, selection plus view mechanism, workflow, security, multiple databases, explicit data model etc.

13. Falcon


The Falcon class instances are WSGI applications and can be run on any WSGI server (using Gunicorn). It won’t bottleneck your API’s performance under highly concurrent workloads. It also gives you a lot of freedom to customize and tune your implementation in order to create a project that stands out from the crowd.


full stack and non full stack Python frameworks - web-py is a simple and powerful web framework for python available in public domain. The aim is to build the ideal method to create web apps. Each part of is separated from other. Instead of exposing Python objects, it allows you to build HTTP responses.

11. Tornado


Tornado is an asynchronous networking library and Python web server, developed at FriendFeed. It can scale to tens of thousands of open connections by using non-blocking network I/O. It runs on Python 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 2.7 & 2.6 and requires the certifi package on all Python versions.

10. CherryPy


CherryPy is a minimalist Python web framework that allows developers to build web application in much the same way they would build any other object oriented Python program. It has inbuilt tools for caching, authorization, sessions, encoding, static content and more.

9. Wheezy Web

Wheezy Web

WheezyWeb is a lightweight, high performance and high concurrency WSGI framework with key features to build modern and efficient web. It supports routing, validation, content caching with dependency, AJAX+JSON, middleware and more.

8. Pyramid


Pyramid is simple, fast and reliable Python web framework (successor to the Pylons). It is designed to make real world application development more productive and more fun. It comes with numerous packages that integrate well and provide a lot of functionality you might need.

7. Web2py


Web2y is full stack python framework for rapid development of fast, scalable, portable and secure data based driven web applications. It requires no installation, has no configurable file and can be run off a USD drive. Furthermore, it comes with inbuilt ticketing system to manage errors, caching system and flexible authentication system.

6. PyGUI


PyGUI allows you to develop a cross-platform GUI API, taking advantage of Python’s unique language features and data types. The aim is to interpose as little code as possible between Python application and the platform’s underlying GUI so the app display always reflects the native GUI of the platform.

5. Flask


Flask is a micro framework for Python based on Jinja2, Werkzeug and good intentions. It includes inbuilt development server and unit testing support. Also, it is fully Unicode enabled with RESTful request dispatching & WSGI compliance.

4. Bottle


Bottle is a simple, fast and lightweight WSGI micro web framework for Python. It has no dependency other than Python Standard Library and distributed as a single file module. It offers request dispatching with URL parameter support, templates, key databases, inbuilt HTTP server and adapters for 3rd party server or template engines.

3. TurboGears


TurboGears is a rapid web development framework that allows you to create database driven and extendable applications within minutes. It is primarily designed to solve complex industrial strength problem. It is also packed with a transaction manager for multi-database deployment and SQLAlchemy that provides most robust object relational management systems.

2. Django


Django is a high-level Python web framework for professionals. It makes it easier to build better web apps more quickly and with less line of codes. It takes care of much of the hassle of web development process, so you can focus on writing apps without needing to reinvent the wheel. Moreover, Django is fast, scalable and reassuringly secure.

1. Kivy


Kivy is an open source community project for developing applications that make use of innovative user interface like multi-touch apps. It comes with over 20 highly extensible widgets, powerful graphic engine and a multi-touch mouse simulator. The framework is stable and has a well-documented API.

50+ Cool and Latest stuff for Web Designers | 2014

In a last few couple of years the number of websites on the internet has been increased at a tremendous rate. At present, there are more than 800 million websites. As with the increasing number of websites, the demand of web designers is also growing. But the job of a web designer is not that easy as once it was used to be.
This is the area where technology and working patterns moves very fast. A good designer must have to be updated about all latest stuffs available in the market. So, we have compiled a list for you that includes grid system, apps, framework, fonts, mobile app tools, blogging tools and some inspirational resources. Many of them are free or available at very low cost. Have a look…

1. Format


Format is the new online tool for creating stunning portfolios and showcases. Many responsive themes, pre-design flexible pages and a lot of customization options are available. It is free for first 14 days and after that you have to pay $5.75 per month.

2. Name Mesh


Name mesh is the domain name search tool that includes more than 6 million words and over 20 generators. It also suggests various short, similar, fun and SEO related keywords.

3. Sitedrop


Sitedrop is for those who constantly work with large amount of file. Just connect it to Dropbox and pick the folder to turn into Sitedrop. Now you can manage it from desktop and receive feedback, files from clients or collaborators.

4. Kuoto Swiss

Kuoto Swiss

Kuoto Swiss is a CSS toolbox for Stylus. It provides a lot of functions, mixins and utilities to code faster.

5. Meeet


Meeet is website that connects developer and designer working on side projects. Just tell your idea and skills you need. Other developers will join your project if they find it interesting.

6. Cardboard


Cardboard is the Smartphone virtual reality project by Google. It is about constructing a VR viewer from everyday items without spending much.

7. Tavern


Tavern is a private release repository of web product question and answers. It is space for designers to share their opinion and experience.

8. Focus


Focus is a Mac application to block distracting website. Internet is interesting, informative and a quite distracting place too. This app is really helpful if you want to concentrate on your own work rather than taking a snap on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit etc.

9. Web Starter kit

Web Starter kit

Web Starter kit is a boilerplate and tooling for multi device development, by Google.  It ensures you are following the web fundamental guidelines out of the box.

10. Octicons


Octicons is a collection of open source icon by Github. Just download and use them in your project.

11. Base


Base is a fast and light framework built for all devices. It is developed in SASS/LESS that helps you write structured and well organized code.

12. Clarke


Clarke is caps only sans serif typeface with round edges. Full family (6 fonts) commercial use is available at $20.

13. Get Shit Done

get shit done

Get Shit Done is a set of basic elements like button, input, menu dropdown, label, transparent navigation, notification, typography, images, tooltips and more.

14. Design Meltdown


Design Meltdown is a collection of interactive, inspiring and responsive designs. Checkout some fresh templates (500+)…

15. Pho Devstack 1.0

Pho Devstack 1

Pho Devstack is an automated workflow for front-end developer that includes tools for compiling, minifying, auto refreshing CSS prefixing and more.

16. Cody


Cody is a set of HTML, CSS and JS snippets for your website. It includes responsive newsletter forms, icon filling effect, vertical navigation, 3d item quick view and much more.


famo is an open source Javascript framework that allows you to create smooth and complex user interface for any screen.

18. Splashbase


Splashbase is a set of public domain HD images from around the web. You can browse, search and download them to use in your project.

19. CodeSnip


With CodeSnip you can share your script privately for free. It saves all your work and lets you search easily and quickly with syntax highlighting.

20. Headstart


Headstart is easy to use automated front-end setup. It supports rudimentary templating, automatic refresh, no-class grid system, Uglyfication, Hinting, Concatenation, SVG optimization and more.

21. Scribbleton


Scribbleton is little personal wiki application where you can store anything like quick note, detailed checklist etc. The files live on your local machine, therefore no cloud required. Also, it supports multiple platform and shareability.

22. Frontenda


Frontenda lets you create responsive template in minutes. The tool is packed with various features including easy drag-drop, visual less, JS, CSS, HTML editor and more.

23. Handsome Script


Handsome script is a modern script typeface with expressive flourishes and legal forms. Commercial license is available at $35.

24. Licon


Licon is packed with a set of simple and useful icons built with pure CSS3. It has both SASS and LESS version, so it can be easily modified and merged into other projects.

25. Simple Sharing Button Generator

simple sharing

Simple sharing button generator is a web app for creating static sharing buttons (Facebook, G+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress) with only HTML and CSS.

26. Bootsketch


Bootsketch is a Bootstrap 3 theme for wireframing web projects that includes sketch render to omit all “design feeling”. It has typography, forms, buttons, input groups, buttons, pagination, panel and more.

27. Startup Stock Photos


Startup Stock Photos is a collection of amazing photos related to office work and technology. All available at free.

28, Objecticons


Objecticons is a collaborative collection of emojis of everyday objects.

29. Awning Display

Awning Display

Awning Display approachable and easy to read font from a distance, inspired by an afternoon bike ride. It supports more than 35 languages and all punctuation marks. The commercial license is available at $25.

30. HomelessFonts


HomelessFonts is a set of typefaces based on the handwriting of homeless people.


liber allows you to create ebooks right from Google drive in 3 easy steps i.e Write, Import and Publish.

32. Webhook


Webhook is a tool to build custom and editable CMS for your website. It has no database, plugin and configuration files to manage. Moreover, it provides dozens of files to build your forms. It is free for first 14 days and after that you will be charged $25 per month.

33. Random


Random is compelling and expressive typeface that features more than 340+ automatic shuffling glyphs.

34. Odyssey


Odyssey is the platform for journalist, designer and creator to craft interactive stories. Just pick a template (slide/scroll) and tell your own tale.

35. The Awesome Free Toolbox

awesome free toolbox

The awesome free toolbox is a set of amazing web design tools that includes images, templates and hosting.

36. Horizontes Script


Horizontes script is relaxed and very natural typeface that costs you around $28.

37. AM Gaea

AM Gaea

AM Gaea is an experimental font with a strong personality while keeping readability at good level.

38. Yeo+Lab

yeo lab

Yeo+Lab is a static generator based on atomic design methodologies. It sets up a few optional workflow and front end dependencies.

39. Refills


Refills is a set of prepackage pattern and component built on top of Bitter, Bourbon and Neat. It includes navigation, icon bullet points, side image, search tool, cards, typographic system, tabs, tables, grid items and much more.

40. Semplice


Semplice is a brandable and customizable case study portfolio system based on WordPress that gives designer a wide option to explore their work. A single License is available at $69.

41. Crafted by love

crafted by love

Crafted by love is a showcase of beautiful web design that includes design for agency, blog, company, product, personal, even, resource and more.

42. Griddify


Griddify is a small Photoshop panel to make guides and grids.

43. Please.JS


Please.JS is random color generator. You can generate pleasing colors based on another color.

44. Indicative


Indicative is an analytic tool to visualize your business. It measures events, user behind them, engagement, conversation and more.

45. Frame


Frame is a free tool for creating high resolution product shots. Just upload+crop the image and you are done. You can now download or share the generated image.

46. Fontface Ninja

fontface ninja

Fontface Ninja is an extension for chrome and safari that allows you to find the name of the font (displayed on webpage) easily. Also you can hide pictures and commercials to focus more on content.

47. Pagekit


Pagekit is a modern CMS for creating and sharing content. It gives you numerous tools to design a beautiful website.

48. Chevereto


Chevereto is an image hosting script that lets you design beautiful image hosting website like Flickr but with no restriction at all. It comes with free lifetime updates and support, starting at $70.

49. Smallpdf


Smallpdf is an online tool that reduces the file size and converts images/excel/ppt/word into pdf. It also allows doing some basic task like merging, unlocking and splitting the pdf documents.

50. PatternBolt


PatternBolt is a set of SVG pattern background packed in a single CSS or SCSS file. Just select the pattern, size, color and you are done.

51. Wireframe|cc


Wireframe|cc is an online tool for wireframing website and app designs. It features limited palette, annotation with ease, minimal interface, smart suggestion and useful tips.

52. The Day’s Color

the days color

The day’s color is a set of inspiring, emotional and engaging palette.

25+ Flat UI Design and Kits for Developers

I think we all know what a flat design is. It has gained more popularity in the last couple of years. For those who are still unfamiliar; it is a combination of pleasant colors without any gradient and border radius, developed by Microsoft. This article is for developers and web designers who are looking for fresh design for their upcoming projects. We have complied a list of 25+ beautiful Flat UI designs that will definitely inspire you a lot. The list includes free as well as paid User Interface kits with different themes and layouts. Have a look…

1. Night Sky Admin

Night Sky Theme

Night Sky Admin is fully responsive mini UI kit. It is built on bootstrap 3 and has 50+ widgets, 14+ pages, 24+ PSD with multiple color option. Available at $18.

2. Eerste UI kit


Eerste is colorful, efficient and simple flat kit with numerous useful elements.

3. Delighted


Delighted is a flat dashboard based on Bootstarp 3 that comes with Ajax and Non Ajax version. It has 6 color variant, quick navigation with shift key, unique inbox, lockscreen, scattered draggable portlets and colorful chart. It will cost you $23.

4. Flat UI Kit-1

flat ui design by Riki Tanone

A beautiful free PSD kit by Riki Tanone with cool color palette

5. City break

city break

This UI kit will help you create layout primarily for hotel niche. However you can use the element in a creative way to make other cool designs.

6. Behance


Behance flat ui kit is packed with calendar, menu, statistics, video player, radio icon, profile widget, job search menu and much more. And yes, it is free!

7. Metronic


Metronic is a responsive admin dashboard template, available at $27. It is packed with fully featured eCommerce template, one page parallax, unlimited layout option, 25 layered PSD files, 160+ template pages and 600+ UI components.

8. Flat User Interface Set

Flat User Interface Set

It’s a free UI set that includes ready to use elements like navigation menu, signup forms, calendar, social media, subscription box and more.

9. Flat + Transparent UI

Flat + Transparent UI

Another flat kit with transparent elements. All fields, buttons and graphics are scalable plus they are free to use.

10. Iriy Admin

iriy admin - Flat UI Design

Iriy Admin is a Bootstrap responsive template, available at $23. It is packed with font awesome 4.1, 10 background colors, various elements like charts, progress bar, tabs, tooltip, form validation, timepicker, responsive table and much more.

11. Metro UI kit

metro ui kit

Metro UI kit is available for free that includes elements like charts, calendar, icons, menu, search and account.

12. UI kit

ui kit by Abhimanyu Rana

UI kit with translucent background, by Abhimanyu Rana. The combination of buttons and tabs looks very nice with other elements.

13. Flat UI Kit-2

flat ui design by Devin

free PSD kit by Devin Schulz. It has simple color palette and includes menu, navigation bar, tag style, button, tab, search box and much more.

14. Flat


Flat is fast, simple and awesome metro admin theme built on Bootstrap 3.1. It has retina display, unlimited colors, custom pages, fluid and fixed version. The theme is available at $19.

15. Red UI

red ui

It’s a flat style UI kit with useful elements like form, dropdown menu, timeline, progress bar and more. You can download the PSD file for free.

16. Metro


Metro is a premium admin template with 400+ icons, unlimited colors, jquery plugins, event manager, data tables, flow charts, Zend framework, Bootstrap Bootbox and more. All in $20.

17. Flat UI Kit-3

kit by Zachary VanDeHey

This kit is quite mashy, still looks brilliant. Zachary VanDeHey did the nice job.

18. Melon


Melon is a premium responsive admin template. It is packed with various helpful elements like sidebar search, project switcher, progress bars, alerts, tabs, labels, badges, nested list and much more. All in $21.

19. Flat Design UI Components

UI Components

This UI kit includes a set of beautiful component which can be used to create compelling website and application. All elements are editable and available in a single PSD file.

20. Drops


This is fully layered PSD file with flat UI. One time purchase ($5) you will get free updates in future.

21. Mint


Mint is flat and responsive admin panel based on Bootstrap 3. The theme has 20 color variant and all elements can be customized easily. Regular license is available at $21.

22. Flat Stroke UI Kit

Flat Stroke UI Kit

This UI kit has graphs, forum, buttons, control, tooltip and more. All elements are editable and layered in vector based PSD file. Available at $8.

23. Start


Start is metro UI admin template based on windows 8 interface, available at $17. It has Swiss graphic design that features bold, minimal, high contrast and flat colors.

24. Human UI


Human UI comes with 3 color schemes i.e. blue, orange and green. Available for free in PSD format.

25. Flat UI kit-4

kit by Jan Dvořák

Yet another awesome kit with very useful elements. Jan Dvořák did a great job on search box, menu, navigation style, tab and stats.

26. UI/UX kit


This kit is packed with a variety of colors. It looks quite different but worth a try.

27. Metro Lab

metro lab

Metro Lab is a responsive admin template with 48 predefined pages, 500+ icons, 5 color theme, error page concept, lock screen and more. Regular license is available at $19. Moreover, it is packed with mega collection of UI Elements.