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Documents from Mobile Security Technologies 2014

Data Driven Authentication: On the Effectiveness of User Behaviour Modelling with Mobile Device Sensors [Paper] [Slides]
Gunes Kayacik, Mike Just, Lynne Baillie (Glasgow Caledonian University), David Aspinall (University of Edinburgh) and Nicholas Micallef (Glasgow Caledonian University)

Differentially Private Location Privacy in Practice [Paper] [Slides]
Vincent Primault, Sonia Ben Mokhtar (LIRIS / Université de Lyon), Cédric Lauradoux (INRIA) and Lionel Brunie (LIRIS / Université de Lyon)

Location Privacy without Carrier Cooperation [Paper] [Slides]
Keen Sung, Brian Neil Levine and Marc Liberatore (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

An Application Package Configuration Approach to Mitigating Android SSL Vulnerabilities [Paper] [Slides]
Vasant Tendulkar and William Enck (North Carolina State University)

Two Novel Defenses against Motion-Based Keystroke Inference Attacks [Paper] [Slides]
Yihang Song, Madhur Kukreti, Rahul Rawat and Urs Hengartner (University of Waterloo)

Sprobes: Enforcing Kernel Code Integrity on the TrustZone Architecture [Paper] [Slides]
Xinyang Ge, Hayawardh Vijayakumar and Trent Jaeger (The Pennsylvania State University)

Enter Sandbox: Android Sandbox Comparison [Paper] [Slides]
Sebastian Neuner (SBA Research), Victor van der Veen (VU University Amsterdam), Martina Lindorfer (Vienna University of Technology), Markus Huber, Georg Merzdovnik, Martin Mulazzani and Edgar Weippl (SBA Research)

Andlantis: Large-scale Android Dynamic Analysis [Paper] [Slides]
Michael Bierma (Sandia National Laboratories), Eric Gustafson (University of California, Davis), Jeremy Erickson, David Fritz and Yung Ryn Choe (Sandia National Laboratories)

A Systematic Security Evaluation of Android’s Multi-User Framework [Paper] [Slides]
Paul Ratazzi, Yousra Aafer, Amit Ahlawat, Hao Hao, Yifei Wang and Wenliang Du (Syracuse University)

A First Look at Firefox OS Security [Paper] [Slides]
Daniel Defreez (University of California, Davis), Bhargava Shastry (Technische Universität Berlin), Hao Chen (University of California, Davis) and Jean-Pierre Seifert (Technische Universität Berlin)

Code Injection Attacks on HTML5-based Mobile Apps [Paper] [Slides]
Xing Jin, Tongbo Luo, Derek G. Tsui and Wenliang Du (Syracuse University)