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Pentesting-Tool Exploit Pack for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X +Exploit and Security Video Tutorials

Next generation exploit framework

Cyber security risk assessment and explotation
“Think like a hacker, be professional”

Exploit Packs

Get all the exploits you need in a pack for the platform you need to test. Today.
What are the Packs?

Exploit packs are distributed via web or as a bundle ( tipically a gzip file ) and contain additional modules that plug directly into Exploit Pack. Installation is usually simple, often just expanding desired tree, all the arsenal you need. Give some ammo to your weapons by upgrading Exploit Pack with Packs.

We deliver this Packs online ( using credentials ) or via a bundle Gzip, and the donations received from it are used to keep the project going.

Cross-platform Software, works for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

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