Never Ending Security

It starts all here

Security Events List

Event Name Public Frequency Host Country
ACSAC Security Applications
ASIA Information Assurance Annual New York (USA)
AthCon Security Annual (Greece)
Black Hat Security Annual Around the World
BlueHat Microsoft Security Annual USA
BrumCon Hacking Monthly Birmingham (UK)
CanSecWest Hacking Annual Vancouver (Canada)
CarolinaCon Security Annual North Carolina (USA)
Chaos Communication Congress Hacking Europe
ChicagoCon Security Annual Chicago (USA)
ClubHack Hacking Annual India
CONFidence Security Annual Europe
C0c0n Security Annual India
DEF CON Hacking Annual Around the World
DoD Cyber Crime Conference Security Annual Around the World
Ekoparty Hacking Annual Buenos Aires (Argentina)
HackCon Hacking Annual Oslo (Norway)
Hacker Halted Security Annual USA Security Annual Luxembourg
nullcon Hacking Annual India
Hack In The Box Hacking Annual Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Hack In Paris Hacking Annual Paris (France)
Hackers 2 Hackers Conference (H2HC) Hacking Annual Brazil
Hackfest Hacking Annual Quebec (Canada)
Hackito Ergo Sum Hacking Annual Paris (France)
Hacktivity Hacking Annual Budapest (Hungary)
Hackers on Planet Earth (H.O.P.E) Hacking Annual New York (USA)
Hacks In Taiwan Conference Hacking Annual Taipei (Taiwan)
Kiwicon Hacking Annual New Zealand
LayerOne Hacking Annual Los Angeles (USA)
MalCon Hacking Annual India
Notacon Hacking Annual USA
Nuit du Hack Hacking Annual France
PhreakNIC Hacking Annual USA
Pumpcon Hacking Annual USA
Pwn2Own Hacking Annual Vancouver (Canada)
QuahogCon Hacking Annual China
ROOTCON Hacking Annual Philippines
RSA Security Conference Cryptography & Security Annual San Francisco (USA)
Ruxcon Hacking Annual Melbourne (Australia)
S4:SCADA Security Scientific Symposium Security Annual Miami (USA)
SANSFIRE Security Annual USA
SEC-T Hacking Annual Stockholm (Sweden)
SecTor Hacking Annual Toronto (Canada)
SecureWorld Expo Security Annual USA
ShakaCon Hacking Annual Honolulu (Hawai)
ShmooCon Hacking Annual Washington (USA)
SOURCE Conference Security Annual USA
Summercon Hacking Annual All Around (USA)
T2 Infosec Conference Hacking Annual Helsinki (Finland)
THOTCON Hacking Annual Chicago (USA)
ToorCon Hacking Annual USA
TROOPERS IT Security Conference Security Annual Heidelberg (Germany)
Recon Hacking Annual Montréál, Quebéc (Canada)
Nola X Con Hacking Annual New Orleans (USA)
You Shot the Sheriff (YSTS) Hacking Annual São Paulo (Brazil)
44Con Hacking Annual London (UK)
DerbyCon Security Annual Kentucky (USA)
BruCon Security Annual Brussels (Belgium)
Techno Security Security Annual All Around (USA)
Techno Forensics Forensics Annual All Around (USA)
RootedCon Security Annual Madrid (Spain)
NoConName Security Annual Barcelona (Spain)
LaCon (NO SITE) Security Annual Spain
The Chaos Communication Congress Security Annual Berlin (Germany)
Chaos Communication Camp Security BiAnnual Berlin (Germany)
SSTIC Security Annual France
hashdays Security Annual Switzerland
Swiss Cyber Storm Security Annual Zurich (Switzerland)

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