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Malware Repository Framework (MRF), The Viper Framework & VxCage

MRF is a malware repository website, used to manage your own malware zoo (for malware researchers mostly).
It’s able to uniquely identify your sample (with HASH) and keep essential information (size, original name) into a database for quick search.
It’s also able to query Virus Total for a report regarding uploaded samples, and display information on the dashboard (plus store the information in the database).

More information about the Malware Repository Framework and their features can be found on:

The Malware Repository Framework program self can be downloaded from:

-= VIPER =-
Viper is a binary analysis and management framework. Its fundamental objective is to provide a solution to easily organize your collection of malware and exploit samples as well as your collection of scripts you created or found over the time to facilitate your daily research.

More information about the Viper framework and their features can be found on:

The Viper framework self can be downloaded from:

-= VxCage =-
VxCage is a WSGI Python application for managing a malware samples repository with a REST API interface.

Installation instructions and requirements can be found on: