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All the presentations from WOOT’14 the 23rd USENIX Security Symposium

On August 19 a new edition of the USENIX was in San Diego, starting with workshops (WOOT ’14), followed by the 23 edition of the USENIX Security Symposium, within three days, from 20 to 22.

Here is the list of workshops held at the USENIX Workshop On Offensive Technology (WOOT) 2014. Can you click on each link to learn more about the workshop and get off material itself, or if you you want to download all the material blow, you can do from here.

USENIX Security ’14 Full Proceedings (PDF)
USENIX Security ’14 Proceedings Interior (PDF, best for mobile devices)

ePub (para iPad y otros eReaders)
USENIX Security ’14 Full Proceedings (ePub)

Mobi (Kindle)
USENIX Security ’14 Full Proceedings (Mobi)