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exitmap – Performs a task over (a subset of) all Tor exit relays.

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exitmap is a fast and extensible Python-based scanner for Tor exit relays. Modules implement tasks which are then run over all exit relays or a subset thereof. If you have a background in functional programming, think of exitmap as a map() interface for Tor exit relays. In practice, exitmap is useful to monitor the reliability and trustworthiness of exit relays.

exitmap uses Stem to initiate circuits over all given exit relays and as soon as tor notifies exitmap of an established circuit, a module is invoked for the newly established circuit.

exitmap has been used to check for false negatives on the Tor Project’s check service and to find malicious exit relays. It is quite easy to develop new modules for exitmap; just have a look at the file HACKING in the doc/ directory.

Finally, note that exitmap is not meant to be run by ordinary Tor users. The Tor Project is already running the tool on a regular basis and more exitmap users just put more stress on the network. The only reason it is publicly available is because its source code and design might be of interest to some.


exitmap uses the library Stem to communicate with Tor. On Debian jessie and newer, you can install Stem by executing:

# apt-get install python-stem

Alternatively, you can install Stem using pip:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Running exitmap

You can run exitmap with the checktest module by executing:

$ ./bin/exitmap checktest

If you want to use a static first hop, execute:

$ ./bin/exitmap --first-hop CCEF02AA454C0AB0FE1AC68304F6D8C4220C1912 checktest

To run the same test over German exit relays only, execute:

$ ./bin/exitmap --country DE --first-hop CCEF02AA454C0AB0FE1AC68304F6D8C4220C1912 checktest

If you want to pause for five seconds in between circuit creations in order to reduce the load on the Tor network and the scanning destination, execute:

$ ./bin/exitmap --build-delay 5 checktest

Note that CCEF02AA454C0AB0FE1AC68304F6D8C4220C1912 is a relay run by Karlstad University. While you can feel free to use it, please use your own relays in order to distribute the scanning load. If you do not specify a first hop, exitmap will randomly select first hops, one for each circuit.

To get an overview of exitmap’s options, execute:

$ ./bin/exitmap --help

exitmap comes with the following modules.

  • testfds: Tests if an exit relay is able to fetch the content of a simple web page. If an exit relay is unable to do that, it might not have enough file descriptors available.
  • checktest: Attempts to find false negatives in the Tor Project’s check service.
  • dns: Attempts to resolve several domains and compares the received A records to the expected records.
  • patchingCheck: Checks for file tampering.

Our research paper also discusses an HTTPS, XMPP, IMAPS, SSH, and an sslstrip module. We decided not to publish these modules since they would likely help attackers more than security researchers. Having said that, we are willing to share these modules in private.


By default, exitmap tries to read the file .exitmaprc in your home directory. The file can have the following format.

first_hop = CCEF02AA454C0AB0FE1AC68304F6D8C4220C1912
verbosity = debug
build_delay = 1


Don’t like exitmap? Then have a look at

More information about this project can be found at: &