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Encrypt your DNS connections with DNSCrypt on all your machines

Stop your ISP from spying on you and all website’s you are visiting.
Protecting yourself with just only a VPN is in most cases not enough, because an ISP is still able to log all outgoing DNS requests that uses port 53 (default port for DNS)

Use DNSCrypt to encrypt your DNS requests, and it’s recommended to use a different port for it. Anything other then the default port 53 would be useful.

DNSCrypt works by running a proxy on your local machine or network. As long as the DNS settings are proper configured on the client machine, the web-browser will send all his DNS requests to the local (DNSCrypt) proxy first. From here the requests get encrypted and send out over the configured port to the configured DNS server. Soon as the requests reach the (DNS) server they will be decrypted and read out by the server. The answer from the server will get on his turn also first encrypted before it’s send back to your local proxy. Any received message from the DNS Server will be decrypted by your local proxy before it’s sending forwarded to the web-browser that started this (DNS) request.

Download the Mac OS X client for managing the DNSCrypt Proxy over here:

A Windows client for DNSCrypt can be found here:

Of course there is also a Linux client available, this can be found here:

More additional information about DNSCrypt is available at: