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LUKS-Volume-Cracker Perform Dictionary Attacks On Cryptoloop, DM-Crypt and LUKS Volumes

Brute Force Luks Volume to crack the Luks Password


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Application and Source


An application for performing a dictionary attack on encrypted volumes. Basically a wrapper around FreeOTFE, which also supports Linux volumes (Cryptoloop, dm-crypt, LUKS).

By design these encrpytion systems are very slow to brute force, so a dictionary based attack is only appropriate for poorly chosen passphrases.


  • Check if your passphrase is secure

How it works

  • Count the initial number of drives in the system
  • Loop through the input in the dictionary
    • Execute a command line statement to mount the encrypted image using the current passphrase (/mount /volume volume /password password /silent N:\\)
    • If it’s a Linux drive, use the WinAPI to automatically fill in the GUI prompt
    • When the number of drives has changed a volume has been mounted, so one of the recently tried passwords was used


Uses the excellent FreeOTFE by SDean