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Hardening Android devices for more & better privacy and stronger security.

Complete universal android guide from step to step, to setup and config your phone on the way as they should be. Very useful for anyone that looking for some better security and more privacy. It describes (almost) all possible security features there are out there for the android platform. Hardening from A to Z. And it even learns you how to make phone calls true the Tor network. Go check it out, right now:

For the one that have some spare time left, and are looking for mobile phone hacking projects like the one from above. There is some cool project going on for “Motorola Moto E” devices. These devices can newly be purchased for some price like 100 euro. In the link down here you will find out how to build your own external scanning device that runs SnoopSnitch and could be used in many different cases in real life.
You can find all info around this project right here:
Another guide about how to install SnoopSnitch on a Motorola Moto E can be found here:

Here you will find some do it yourself guide, to make your own anti tracking case for your mobile phone.