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Resist Surveillance, Detekt: FinFisher, FinSpy, HackingTeam RCS & Vupen related Malware that’s been used by many Governments around the world.

FinFisher & FinSpy is both Malware that belongs to a company named: Gamma Group. It’s headquarter is in the U.K. and Martin Munch runs (before) their second office in Munchen, Germany. The exploits and zeroday they are selling, comes directly from Vupen.
Gamma Group sells as they self say only licenses for their products to governments only.

HackingTeam RCS is an Italian Company that is making money with any gets his money by writing and selling Malware. HackingTeam RCS is doing busines with governments or government agencies ONLY, and claim that they are not selling to Individuals and/or private persons/company’s. I’m even wondered by the fact that they are using the term “private” See and watch there commercial:

Vupen is a french company specialized in finding exploits, and reverse engineering. Selling zero-day exploits and other undiscovered security holes, to sell them to godvernments or some other people that willing to pay anything for it. Selling price do have a very large range, and prices can go somewhere starting from 40.000 euro to 250.000 or even more, but that depends on the exploit how high the price will be for one leak. The NSA is one of Vupen’s clients, and does already a few years exploits from Vupen.

Detekt is a free tool that scans your Windows computer for traces of FinFisher and Hacking Team RCS, commercial surveillance spyware that has been identified to be also used to target and monitor human rights defenders and journalists around the world.

The tool can be found on:
Or here:

-= FinFisher Hacked =-
For about 6 month’s ago, one of FinFisher’s server got hacked and they was stolen over 40 gigabytes on company data, customers documentation and source codes from their malware. Thanks to guy who makes this happen, and thumbs up for the “Hack Back!” FinFisher Tutorial he have written and posted online that describes some of the background viewings and comes with a lot other interesting and useful information that is presented as an Do It Yourself (DIY) Guide for those without the patience to wait for whistleblowers.
The FinFisher Hack Back Tutorial can be found here:

The 40 Gigabyte torrent file can be downloaded here: or use the Torrent Magnet File
What one could expect from the torrent and what kind of stuff is inside the torrent, is described on the next webpage: plus also this webpage:

More info and background about the Gamma Group and FinFisher/FinSpy can be found in the WikiLeaks SpyFiles at: and on the website from

The “FinSploit Sales” is a zip.file that holds 3 video’s and a text file that can be downloaded right here:

Someone created a new Twitter account, named: @GammaGroupPR from there it is publishing internal documents of the offensive computer intrusion product suite FinFisher/FinSpy that are coming from the hacked command and control server used by the Gamma Group.

They have setup an new account on Github also, where all the stolen malware is published. And explained how it does it’s job. And the things you will have to put extra attention.

Analysis of the FinFisher lawful interception Malware are done by:
Rapid7 and can be found on:
And by the Citizenlab on:

Company’s as Gamma Group are damaging society’s and forms a big threat for the free word of all humans people around the world. Some examples that come (partly) from programs created by Gamma Group are:
And watch these documentary’s