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Documents from Virus Bulletin 2013

Corporate stream

  • Andreas Lindh (‘Surviving 0-days – reducing the window of exposure’)
  • Sabina Datcu (‘Targeted social engineering attacks. Sensitive information, from a theoretical concept to a culturally defined notion’)
  • Michael Johnson (‘Make it tight, protect with might, and try not to hurt anyone’)
  • Randy Abrams & Ilya Rabinovich (‘Windows 8 SmartScreen application control – what more could you ask for?’)
  • Axelle Apvrille (‘Analysis of Android in-app advertisement kits’)
  • Vanja Svajcer (‘Classifying PUAs in the mobile environment’)
  • Roman Unuchek (‘Malicious redirection of mobile users’)
  • Craig Schmugar (‘Real-world testing, the good, the bad, and the ugly’)
  • Ciprian Oprisa & George Cabau (‘The ransomware strikes back’)
  • Jarno Niemela (‘Statistically effective protection against APT attacks’)
  • Sergey Golovanov (‘Hacking Team and Gamma International in “business-to-government malware”‘)

Technical stream

  • Carsten Willems & Ralf Hund (‘Hypervisor-based, hardware-assisted system monitoring’)
  • James Wyke (‘Back channels and bitcoins: ZeroAccess’ secret C&C communications’)
  • Xinran Wang (‘An automatic analysis and detection tool for Java exploits’)
  • Rowland Yu (‘GinMaster: a case study in Android malware’)
  • Samir Mody (‘”I am not the D’r.0,1d you are looking for”: an analysis of Android malware obfuscation’)
  • Farrukh Shazad (‘The Droid Knight: a silent guardian for the Android kernel, hunting for rogue smartphone malware applications’)
  • Fabio Assolini (‘PAC – the Problem Auto-Config (or “how to steal bank accounts with a 1KB file”)’)
  • Samir Patil (‘Deciphering and mitigating Blackhole spam from email-borne threats’)
  • Evgeny Sidorov (‘Embedding malware on websites using executable webserver files’)
  • Amr Thabet (‘Security research and development framework’)

‘Last-minute’ technical papers