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Documents from Presentations at LinuxCon North America 20-22 August 2014

6 Months of the Eudyptula Challenge, Lessons Learned
SMR impact on Linux Storage Subsystem
How Docker Enablement makes Linux Container easy to deploye on Enterprise Linux
Coming Soon, an Open Source Project Near You – the Linaro LNG Open Data Plane Initiative
Universal Tux: Accessibility For Our Future Selves
Ever Growing CPU States: Context Switch with Less Memory and Better Performance
Open Source Governance Round Table: What’s hot ?
Fork and Ignore: Fighting a GPL Violation By Coding Instead
Kernel Debugging and Tracing
NFV in the embedded world: Yocto Project and OpenStack
Replacing HW Raid with Twitter Cache and Persistent Memory
Explaining and Accessing the SPDX License List
kpatch: Have Your Security And Eat It Too!
Raspberry Pi Hacks and Projects
Hacking the Kernel, Hacking Myself
Linux Performance Tools
An Overview of Kernel Lock Improvements
Object-Based Storage – NAS support through NFS-Ganesha.
The Architecture of Linux Traffic Control
Better Integration of Systems Management Hardware with Linux
Compressing strings of the kernel
Kernel Internship Report (OPW)
Make your own usb gadget
Why Linux rules Chicago
Tux On Top: Open Source at the Top of the Rack
How Linux Distros Became Boring (and Fedora’s Plan to Put Boring Where It Belongs)
New Views on your Source Code History with “git replace”
Open Source Policy: OpenDaylight and OpFlex
Kernel features for reducing power consumption on embedded devices
Getting More Out Of System Suspend In Linux
Simulating the Internet using unprivileged LXC containers
Linux Kernel Power Management (PM) Framework for ARM 64-bit processors
devicetree: kernel internals and practical troubleshooting
LLVMLinux: Embracing the dragon
Building Linux support for Digital TV
Kpatch without Stop Machine
RAS Enhancement Activities for Mission-critical Linux Systems
Why you should consider using btrfs, real COW snapshots and file level incremental server OS upgrades like Google does.
You know, for kids! 7 ideas for improving tech education in schools
Lessons about Community from Science Fiction
Troubleshooting as a Service
Testing Video4Linux Applications and Drivers