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10 Best Online Grammar and Spell checker Tools

The very first step after writing an article is to check whether you made any grammatical/spelling error or not. The task becomes more difficult when your article is lengthy. A single spelling error can change the meaning of whole sentence.

Spelling Mistake

To avoid these kinds of errors and speed up your process, we have compiled a list of best automated online grammar and spell checker tools. There are hundreds of tools available on the internet and we have selected these ten based on their accuracy and user reviews. They are very helpful especially for writers and daily bloggers.

Note: There is no software/tool (yet) that provides 100 percent accuracy. 

10. Spellcheckplus


Another good tool for those who are looking for free language checker for proofreading. It detects your grammatical and spelling errors within few seconds. Since it is compatible with Microsoft word files, it doesn’t change the text format.
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9. Jspell


Whether it’s your resume, blog post or speech, you can check anything on Jspell. It is integrated with the medical word checker. Each individual word is checked against a set of correct words. It also looks for suggestion that is similar in sound and structure to the incorrect word.
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8. LanguageTool


LanguageTool is open source proof reading software that supports more than 20 languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish and more. It highlights the text with errors. The software is available under LGPL 2.1 or later, you can find the source code on Github. Moreover, you can download the standalone tool (73 MB) for your desktop.
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7. Spellcheck


Spellcheck is free and easy to use software that supports more than 100 languages including English, German, Hindi, Spanish, Urdu and more. Just copy and paste the text on the web homepage. A pop up box will appear highlighting your errors. Also, you can click on the specific letter to check its definition.
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6. Grammarbase


Grammarbase is the free online tool for instant grammar and spelling error detection. You just need to paste the text into the application of the website. Whether it’s complex or simple, it shows all types of mistakes. Along with this, the tool provides quick correction of mistakes and formats.
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5. Whitesmoke


Whitesmoke is advanced software that checks your grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. It can translate full text from over 45 languages. It automatically checks all emails send from Outlook and works with MS Word. Moreover, the tool is integrated with plagiarism checker, 100 letter templates and self-improvement writing tool and tips.
Starting Price: $9.95

4. Paperrater


Paperrater has 3 main features i.e. robust grammar check, plagiarism detection (compares text with over 10 billion documents) and writing suggestion. Some of the other features include auto grader, title validation, readability statistics, vocabulary builder tool, style and word choice analysis.
Starting Price: $8

3. Reverso


Reverso is the broad tool that doesn’t only provide spell/grammar checker but also conjugation, dictionary and translation services. You can check synonyms, conjugator and definition of particular text. That means along with the document scanning you can make it more attractive and versatile.
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2. Gingersoftware

ginger- Online Grammar and Spell checker Tools

Ginger is based on innovative Natural Language Processing platform to decipher the semantic and contextual meaning of input. It helps both ESL as well as native speakers to enhance their language skills. The software works with MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It has grammar checker, sentence rephraser, translator (over 40 languages), dictionary, text reader (male as well as female voice) and personal trainer that helps to quickly and efficiently improve your skills.
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1. Grammarly


Grammarly’s technology reviews and improves your input by correcting spelling, grammar, word choice and style mistake. The sofwware checks over 250 grammar points including commas misuse, double negative, use of subjective, duplicate pronouns, subjective verb agreement, sentence fragment, tenses, faulty parallelism, unbalanced or misplaced punctuation, dangling modifier, pronoun case agreement and more. Also, it is integrated with plagiarism detection software. You can use it on any browser plus Microsoft office suite to check any type of text like resume, essay, polish emails, memos, academic papers, cover letters medical reports etc.
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