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Vendor – A Go vendor tool that works with the standard vendor file

Vendor tool for Go

Follows the recommendation to use import path re-writes and avoid GOPATH changes and go tool changes. Uses the following vendor file specification: . This vendor tool aims to aid in the establishment a final vendor file specification and be a useful tool.

What this vendor tool features:

  • Tested cross platform support
  • Import path re-writes
  • Package import comment removal
  • Inspection of the current state package locations
  • Handles packages, not directory trees
  • Handles the simple and complex cases
  • Use “…” to also handle packages in sub-folders
  • Handle packages based on their status


# Add external packages.
vendor add -status external

# Add a specific package.
vendor add

# Update vendor packages.
vendor update -status internal

# Revert back to normal GOPATH packages.
vendor remove -status internal

# List package.
vendor list


Tasks that are not planned at this time, but could be done in the future.

  • Speed up working with multiple packages at once by altering the rewrite API.
  • “Transactional” re-writes (rename temp files all at once).
  • Command to check for newer versions, either in GOPATH or remote repo.
  • A -v verbose flag to print what it is doing.


Q: Why not use an existing tool?

A: I do not know of an existing tool that works on all platforms and is designed from the ground up to support vendoring and import re-writes. I also wanted a test bed to test the proposed vendor-spec.

Q: Why this design and not X?

A: See .

Q: Why do we need a standard vendor file format?

A: So many different tools, such as and vendoring tools, can correctly identify vendor packages.

More information can be found on:


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