Never Ending Security

It starts all here

Documents and Videos + LiveCD from

Documents and Videos from

Date Type Description Author
2014 pdf Fritzbox Security Analysis by bias bias
2014 pdf How to setup a VirtualBox Server by bias bias
2014 pdf Hacky Easter 2013 Solutions and Write-Ups PS
2012 Dec pdf Hacking-Lab Magazine 3 E1
2012 July pdf Hacking-Lab Magazine 2 E1
2012 Mar pdf Hacking-Lab Magazine 1 E1
2010 May pdf Find Differences with Integrity Checking Software (AIDE) E1
2010 Mar pdf SSH Shell Monitoring on Solaris10 E1
2010 Mar pdf Windows DNS Tunneling Attack & Virus Construction Kit E1
2010 Feb pdf XSS in .NET ViewState Education Movie +  pdf Intro PDF  + pdf High Resolution MOVIE Afames
2010 Feb pdf MCTA (German) Slides Mobile Devices Security Superhacker
2010 Jan pdf Movie: Observation Firefox Plugin
2010 Jan pdf Movie: PART 2: Reverse Proxy for Facebook & Pre-Auth & Session Hiding (KnowHow) E1
2010 Jan pdf Convert GeoIP ip ranges for your security tool E1
2010 Jan pdf Movie: PART 1: Reverse Proxy for Facebook (KnowHow) E1
2009 Dec pdf Movie: Etterfilter – Injection malicious payload into web traffic (MitM) iMan
2009 Nov pdf Movie: SSL Renegotiation Attack
2009 Nov pdf Movie: We are all frogs (surveillance awareness) Viktor
2009 Nov pdf Defense in-depth – Better protection against 0-day exploitation E1
2009 Nov pdf Übles Incident Management bei STRATO – Java Script E1
2009 Oct pdf Multiple Firefox Instances – German Text E1
2009 Oct pdf Hacking-Lab – Bericht in Network Computing DE  remove
2009 Sep pdf Wie erstellt man eine Mac OS X Anwendung aus einem JAR File  x3l
2009 Sep pdf Logfile Monitoring using Swatch  E1
2009 Sep pdf Set-Cookie: Path is not a Security Boundary  E1
2009 Sep pdf Using Nmap results in Metasploit and start db_autopwn  E1
2009 Sep pdf Add your own ruby scripts to the MetaSploit 3 framework  E1
2009 Aug pdf Analyzing NMAP 5 results with MySQL  E1
2009 Aug pdf Using NMAP Output (XML) in Nessus Scans  E1
2009 Jun pdf Social Engineering Test Cases  E1
2009 Jun pdf Challenge of the Month – June 2009 – Windows Privilege Escalation  E1
2009 May pdf Character Conversion (UTF-7, UTF-8) using recode (Apache < 2.2.6 XSS)  E1

For some of the downloads you would need to open a free user account on

Research Papers

Cat. Title Description Rating Files Published Author
Web SecurityProgramming 10000 Java Web Application Protection Framework Evaluation: AntiSamy, catnip, GreatWebGuy, XSS filter
2012-11-15 07:55:34 PS
Malware 10001 General Malware Analysis History Of Malware
2013-04-24 10:04:24 dreadknight
Malware 10001 General Malware Analysis Quick Analysis of an Online Banking Trojan by PS
2013-05-15 11:32:32 PS
Web Security 10002 Research: Advanced SQL Injection Advanced SQL Injection Attacks & Mitigation
2014-01-04 10:35:08 PS

Hacking-Lab LiveCD

Hacking-Lab LiveCD, get it from:

This ist the LiveCD project of Hacking-Lab (
It gives you OpenVPN access into Hacking-Labs Remote Security Lab. 
The LiveCD iso image runs very good natively on a host OS, or within a 
virtual environment (VMware, VirtualBox). However, if you expect 
improved screen resolution, drag and drop support with your Host OS, 
then we recommend to use a VirtualBox Appliance. 

Please read the following readme to get familiar with downloading
and using the LiveCD ISO image or VirtualBox appliance. t

LiveCD Release 8.00 and above

username = hacker
password = compass
root password = compass

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get dist-upgrade

OpenVPN Question
You will gain VPN access if both of the following pre-requirements are fulfilled. 

a) you have a valid hacking-lab username and password
b) you are registered for a vpn enabled event 

Please note; if your account is *NOT* assigned to a running Hacking-Lab event,
you cannot connect using OpenVPN (even if your password is valid!). Unfortunately
the openvpn error is telling you, that your username or password is invalid.

LiveCD Updates
The LiveCD will get updated once per month. We dislike the idea of 
letting you using an outdated linux distro (old kernels and more)
Please make sure, you are getting the latest LiveCD from here from time to time

Our update mechanism includes
a) updating ubuntu packages
b) updating metasploint (svn update)
c) updating browser
d) updating kernel 

-> this process is fully automated. We can create new ISO images in 10 minutes. Please
tell us if you are missing a tool or if something is not as expected.

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