Never Ending Security

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Netdiscover Cheatsheet


Netdiscover Usage:

Specify which device interface to use:

netdiscover -i [device]

Scan a specific range:

netdiscover -r [Target Network/CIDR]

Scan a list from a file:

netdiscover -l [/path/to/file]

Only Sniff and don’t probe(Passive Mode):

netdiscover -p

Outputs in a format for parsing:

netdiscover -P

Only send a specific number of arps:

netdiscover -c [amount]

Sleep in between each arp request:

netdiscover -s [sleep time]

Sleep after sending 255 arp requests:

netdiscover -S

Once Netdiscover is Running:

Show help – h

Scroll down – j

Scroll up – k

Display arp replys – a

Display arp requests – r

Quit – q


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