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DNSmap Cheatsheet


dnsmap Installation and Usage:

Download the file from Google Code:


Untar the file:

tar -xzf dnsmap-0.30.tar.gz

Change into the Directory and Compile the binary:

cd dnsmap-0.30/
sudo make install

dnsmap Usage Examples:

Specify Which wordlist to use:

dnsmap [Target Domain] -w [/path/to/wordlist]

Different Output methods (regular results/ csv results)

dnsmap [Target Domain] -r [/path/to/results.txt] / dnsmap [Target Domain] -c [/path/to/results.csv]

Add a Delay between requests in millisecs:

dnsmap [Target Domain] -d [Delay]

Ignore IPs that are out of Scope:

dnsmap [Target Domin] -i [Ignore IPs]


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