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Howto perform UDP tunneling through SSH connection

In this tutorial we will are going to provide simple procedure how to to perform UDP tunneling through an SSH connection.Say you need to forward UDP packets between two remote networks securely.

E.g : dns queries from your home machine to your dns servers at work.

you can use the following way :

1. Connect to the remote server and set up TCP forward

client$ ssh -L 22222:

Any request sent to your local tcp/22222 port will be tunneled securely to tcp/22222 on the remote server.

We will then use netcat to forward the TCP queries to the UDP server..

2. TCP to UDP forward with netcat on the server

server$ mkfifo /tmp/fifo

server$ iptables -A INPUT -p tcp –dport 22222 -j ACCEPT

server$ nc -l -p 22222 /tmp/fifo

3. UDP to TCP forward with netcat on the client

client$ mkfifo /tmp/fifo

client$ sudo nc -l -u -p 53 /tmp/fifo

Use sudo if you are not root, you need root access for binding services to ports under 1024.

4. Query


Schema :

client –> request to udp/53 –> netcat forwarding from udp/53 to tcp/22222 –> tcp/22222 request tunneled through SSH –> server receives requests on tcp/22222 –> netcat forwarding from tcp/22222 to the specified IP address on udp/53 –> server


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