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What the Yubikey NEO all can do!?

The YubiKey NEO is a unique One-Time Authentication device which combines the functionality of a YubiKey Hardware Authentication device with the extended capabilities of a smart card, without requiring additional drivers or software.

The YubiKey NEO has 3 major elements – the first is the YubiKey element, which allows the YubiKey to be used as a configurable hardware authentication device, capable of hold 2 independent configurations. Each configuration can be set to generate codes using the Yubico OTP, OATH-HOTP, a challenge-response configuration or a simple static password. All of the validation sever software used to support the YubiKey modes is also open source. In fact, a number of password managers have already integrated the YubiKey into their offerings –

One of your use cases is the requirement to log into your Linux desktop. This can be simply done using the YubiKey and the Yubico – PAM module ( The same Module can also be used to secure your SSH with second factor authentication as well (

The second element of the YubiKey NEO is the secure element on the NEO which allows for smart card based functionality, including using the YubiKey NEO as a PIV compliant smart card for holding certificates ( Further, the YubiKey NEO has an OpenPGP applet, used to securely hold your private keys on the YubiKey itself, preventing them from being expose should your system become compromised (

Finally, the YubiKey NEO is the first device to support the revolutionary new protocol, U2F ( This next generation authentication protocol looks to provide the security of a smart-card based solution with the ease of integration and support of a traditional hardware authentication token system.


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