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Watching Your Mac OS X Media on a Smart TV from Sony, Samsung or LG

Every smart TV has options to access the shared media content on the internet device which you are using. Like suppose you are using a wireless router to connect your laptop and smartphone on the internet, then you can use the same wireless router to share your videos, music and photos with your LED or Smart TV also, whether that is a sony Bravia, a samsung one or else a LG Smart TV, that doesn’t matter but the thing is that the TV which is needed to be connected must be a smart TV / LED. Following is the process to play some high quality videos, music and photos on your smart TV:

1- You need a laptop which has Mac OS X running on it.

2- Download Vuze for the OS X, and install the program. OS X has probably the easiest way of installing any software or application. From:

3- After installing Vuze, just run the software. It’s actually a downloading applications for torrents file at the same time. But the good thing which it has is the DLNA feature which makes your laptop a media server making the video files available to your smart tv present in your laptop. Thus, it means you can play the songs present in your laptop to the big screen.

your TV has been detected along with it’s applied IP address. (Be sure that you have connected your smart TV with the wireless router of your home network and also your laptop must be connected to the same network)

See on top at the screen shot, you’ll see that a Bravia tv has been detected. I have already enabled the device playback feature. Once you install Vuze you need to turn on the device playback feature.

5- Now, just you need to select the TV device and then, just drag and drop the videos which you want to make available on the network and the TV in the end.

6- Access the network and USB feature of your TV using the smart remote. And there you will see the Vuze media server, select that and wait a second after some time you will see your shared videos from laptop on the TV. That’s it , Enjoy playing videos from laptop to your sony bravia, samsung or else LG smart TV.

If for some reason it did not work for you as described here above, then there is a second way to get this working by using an other program but also a few steps to setup.

1- You’ll need to download Sofa Play software from the Application store. Just run the Mac Appstore

2- Click on search field at the top on the right side and search for: "Sofa Play Lite" and install it, since Sofa Play will be the paid version (If you want to get more features then just purchase this Application its worth giving a shot.

3- After downloading just open the application. It will search for television or LED TV present in your network. Make sure that you are not connected to any Proxy Networks while searching for the Television. You’ll see your television inside the drop down once it completes it search and if there are more than one televisions present in your wifi network then it will show you more television networks.

4- Once Sofa Lite completes the search you’ll see televisions connected to your wireless network in the drop down list. Select the TV and just drag and drop a video file in the window of the sofa lite.

5- Once you drag and drop videos on the Sofa Play lite, it will automatically start playing on the Smart TV and even if it doesn’t play then just drag and drop another video, this time it will work. In some TV’s you’ll need to go to the Media Player through pressing Home button (In case of the Sony TV) or by pressing media button present on the remote control. Thought, in most TV’s you don’t need to do much , just run this application (Note: Before running Sofa Lite make sure that your TV is connected to the Wi-Fi network and your Laptop is also connected to same Wi-Fi network) and drag and drop the videos after selecting the right TV.

Note: This way you can’t mirror your exact screen of MAC on the Smart TV but instead you can play videos directly on your Smart TV and instead of enjoying media on the small screen of the laptop you will be able to enjoy things with family while using a MAC. Keep in mind that if the transfer rate of your Wi-Fi router is not good then the videos of HD quality will start to get interrupted while getting played.


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