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Getting started with I2P and Tor

Getting started with the I2P Darknet
I2P (originally standing for Invisible Internet Project) can be seen as a networking layer sitting on top of IP that uses cryptography to keep messages confidential, and multiple peer to peer network tunnels for anonymity and plausible deniability. While Tor is focused more for hiding your identity while surfing the public Internet, I2P is geared more toward networking multiple I2P users together. While you can surf to the public Internet using one of the I2P out proxies, it’s meant more for hiding the identity of the providers of services (for example eepSites), sort of like Tor’s concept of Hidden Services, but much faster. Another advantage I2P has is NetDB, a distributed way to let peers know about each other once initial seeding has occurred. Tor on the other hand uses it’s own directory to identify servers, which in theory could be more easily blocked. Both networks have their advantages and trade offs. This video won’t cover the details of I2P’s peering or encryption systems, and may seem kind of rambling, but it should be enough to get you up and running on the darknet.
The video can be downloaded from:

An Introduction to TOR
This video serves as a brief introduction to the use of the Tor anonymizing network in Windows.
The video can be downloaded from:

Setting Up Tor Hidden Services
In a previous video I covered using the Tor anonymity network to browse the web anonymously. In this one I’ll cover the basics of setting up a Tor hidden service. With a Tor hidden service, the true host IP of the service is hidden by the Tor network. Instead of having to hand out the true IP of the server, a service creator can hand out a *.onion hostname that’s not linked directly to them. By setting up a Tor hidden service it becomes much harder for an adversary to figure out where the service is really being hosted from, and thus much harder to shutdown. This is a great thing for people like whistle blowers and political dissidents that want to share information anonymously, unfortunately it’s also useful to pedos so be careful what links you choose to click on the onion network.
The video can be downloaded from:


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