Never Ending Security

It starts all here

Introduction to Computer Security, Network Security, and Applied Cryptography. Course from Carnegie Mellon University

Course overview can be found at:

Temas y diapositivas Lectura de apoyo
Introduction [PDF] Trusting Trust
Compilation and basic executions semantics [PDF] CS:APP Chapter 3
Control flow attacks [PDF]
Thinking up exploits From Class:

Control flow attack defenses [PDF]

Homework 1 Out

Return-oriented programming [PDF]
CFI and Reference Monitors [PDF] Control Flow Integrity: Principles, Implementations, and Applications (Note: I have here the conference version. There is also a longer, more complete journal version.) Homework 1 Due
Review [PDF]
Introduction to cryptography [PDF] Mihir Bellare’s Introduction to Modern Cryptography:

OTPs, PRNGs, and proving security [PDF]
Block ciphers (Ed Schwartz) [PDF]
MACs and hashes [PDF]
Authenticated encryption [PDF] Homework 2 Out
Public key crypto [PDF]
Review Homework 2 Due
Online Crime (Nicolas Christin) Measuring and Analyzing Search-Redirection Attacks in the Illicit Online Prescription Drug Trade, except section 5
Web Security 1 (Jonathan) [PDF]
Web Security 2 (Jonathan)
Mobile Security [PDF]
IDS and Detection Theory [PDF] The base-rate fallacy and its implications for the difficulty of intrusion detection Homework 3 Out
Cancelled A Survey of BGP Security, up through and including section IV.A
Review [PDF]

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