Never Ending Security

It starts all here

Documents and Video’s from CONFidence 2014

  • 50 Shades of RED: Stories from the “Playroom” – Video
  • NSA for dummies …methods to break RSA – Video
  • Scaling Security – Video
  • ATMs – We kick their ass – VideoSlides
  • Bitcoin Forensics: Fact or Fiction? – VideoSlides
  • Shameful secrets of proprietary protocols – VideoSlides
  • Evaluation of Transactional Controls in e-Banking Systems – VideoSlides
  • All your SAP P@$$w0ЯdZ belong to us – VideoSlides
  • Protecting Big Data at Scale – VideoSlides
  • Security Implications of the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing – VideoSlides
  • Asymmetric Defense “Using your home-field advantage” – VideoSlides
  • Preventing violation of memory safety in C/C++ software – VideoSlides
  • On the battlefield with the Dragons – the interesting and surprising CTF challenges – VideoSlides
  • SCADA deep inside: protocols and security mechanisms – VideoSlides
  • Exploring treasures of 77FEh – VideoSlides
  • The Tale of 100 CVE’s – VideoSlides
  • Hacking the Czech Parliament via SMS – Video

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