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Iptables howto and guides, with all the tricks (for Linux)

An good discripted guide and how to for managing the iptables, can be found on:

Step-By-Step configuration of NAT with iptables:

An other clear guide can be found on:

20 iptables examples for new system administrators:

How to configure IPv6 ip6tables firewall:

How to build a simple linux firewall for dsl/cable/fiber connection with iptables:

Block port numbers with iptables:

How to block particular ip addresses or host with iptables:

Block by country in iptables:

Block remote X windows server connections with iptables:

Block all network traffic with iptables:

Block common attacks with iptables:

Block outgoing network access for a single user with iptables:

Restricting network access by time of the day with iptables:

Restrict SSH acces with iptables:

Block incoming access from select or specific ip-address and/or port with iptables:

Block outgoing access to select or specific ip-address and/or port with iptables:

How to unblock / delete an ip addresses or host listed in iptables:

How to block or open http/web-services port 80 & 443:

Allow or block icmp ping requests with iptables:

Allow NFS-clients to access the NFS server with iptables:

Allow SOCKS incoming client requests with iptables:

Allow Squid proxy incoming client requests for iptables:

Allow Pop3 server requests for iptables:

Block or allow mail server / smtp protocol for iptables:

Open ports for LDAP server in iptables:

Allow or deny samba services with iptables:

Open TCP ports for bittorrent with iptables:

Allow CIPE connection request for iptables:

Allow or block DNS / Bind service for iptables:

Allow incoming VNC connection for iptables:

Allow traffic to pass via venet0 to all vps containers (OpenVZ) with iptables:

Iptables port redirection examples:

Forward multiple ports in iptables:

Fixing ip_conntrack table full dropping packet error for iptables:

How to use the connection tracking feature with iptables:

Limit the number of incoming TCP connections / syn-flood attacks for iptables:

Find/check banned ip addresses in iptables from the command-line:

Iptables limit maximum connections per IP:

List and show all NAT tables rules from iptables:

Force iptables to log to a different log-file:

Log messages from iptables in the log module:

Use mac address filtering in iptables:

Read a list of ip addresses from a file and block with iptables:

Setup masquerading in iptabes:

Configure network address translation (NAT) with iptables:

Monitor bandwidth with iptables:

Log ip or TCP packet header with iptables:

Ipset administration tool for ipsets and iptables:

Setup port knocking with knockd and iptables:

Using iptables and tcp wrappers to secure portmap service:

How to start iptables automatically when your system boot up:

Save and/or restore iptables rules:

Avoid ip spoofing and bad address attacks with a shell script for iptables:

Test iptables script remotely:

Iptables firewall shell script for standalone server:

IPv6 firewall script for iptables:

How to run a firewall script as soon as eth0 interface the connection brings up:

Security shell script to block ip addresses in iptables:

Add or delete an ip address remotely using a shell script for iptables:

Simple shell script to stop and flush all iptables rules:

Configure network interface as a bridge / network switch:

Setup a firewall for a web server with iptables:

Fix neighbour  table overflow error:

Detect and block port scan attacks in real-time with psad:

Easy firewall generator for iptables:

A more advanced firewall generator is Firewall Builder

Firewall Builder can also bu used create and build firewall setups for Mac OS X, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and some more systems.
Iptables does work for Mac OS X systems, they can their firewall settings with the command: “pfctl” and us the command: “man pfctl” for instructions


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