Never Ending Security

It starts all here

Internet and Safety starts by Yourself.

The internet and all the things one can do on the internet today are not going be safer by it self. The only one that will let you make use the internet on a more safely way is yourself. And that’s something you will have to keep in your mind.

Be aware of the fact that the way the internet is build true the years, there was nobody knowing how the internet will look like as it is Today. So almost nothing is build with the intention or special reason for his later usage of it. Especially this could make things dangerous for people without any knowledge about all these things or for people that don’t know how to use the internet on a safe way.

These days almost anyone is connected 24/7 with the internet, if not from his computer then it will be from his (smart)phone. This makes life not any easier for the one that don’t know what they are really doing online. And remember us once again, how important it is that someone understand these things and know how these are actually all working and functioning together.

If you are caring about privacy and/or security, you should really now these things already. But if not and you want to make your future-life easier then you should invest some time in spending reading or watching some guides. Don’t let censorship make lead your life. Today censorship is used as a weapon to control peoples life’s.

Some good guides one can start-of with are:

Basis Internet Security Guide from Greenhost:

CryptoParty Handbook:
The most actual version can be found on github:

How to bypass internet censorship from Free Software Foundation (FSF):
You can find more guides from the Free Software Foundation on:

Security in a box offers some useful guides.
How-to Booklet:
Hands-On Guides:
Mobile Security:

Privacy Handbuch:

Encryption Works:


GnuPG SmartcardHOWTO:

GnuPG Keysigning Party HOWTO:


GnuPG Guide:

GnuPG Manual:

How Unique Is Your Browser?:

More guides will likely be added later to this post, but one should have a good start-of by reading these.


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